10 Most Sold Bottles of Wine

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If you are a wine lover and you like to be well informed so you can discuss it at social gatherings with like-minded people, then read our list of 10 most sold bottles of wine.

It is often said that wine gets better with age, and we can agree on this despite the fact we are not wine connoisseurs. With its lovely color and high elegant glasses, wine has been one of our favorite drinks for thousands of years. Wine is often used in religious rituals, it is present at every party or wedding reception, and it is usually a kind of drink we can find in our kitchens. Who doesn`t like to pour themselves a glass of refreshing red wine after a hard day at work on a Friday night? But, except the relaxing part, it is believed that wine has many health benefits, too. This is why numerous studies have been conducted in order to determine whether this is true or not. The studies usually referred to red wine, but recently there are studies which involve white wine, as well. Researchers agree that moderate wine consumption can bring some health benefits, according to Medical News Today.

The term moderate is debatable since women absorb alcohol more quickly than men.  Health benefits of drinking wine include reducing the risk of depression, preventing colon cancer and breast cancer, anti-aging, and preventing dementia. Thanks to resveratrol, a compound found in red grape skins, wine can help slow the aging process down and possibly help us live longer. Except for the mentioned benefits, wine is also believed to help with severe sunburns and reduce the effect of UV light. Preventing blinding diseases is another benefit of drinking wine due to the fact that wine prevents the growth of blood vessels in the eye that causes blindness.

Ever since it originated, wine has become an obsession for humankind. Wine is so enjoyable that it even inspired a science concerning wine and wine making which is called enology. The Ancient Romans with their wine would definitely be on this list of most sold bottles of wine if we were making it like 2000 years ago. Nevertheless, they had a major role in the wine history because they drank it daily and considered it a necessity, so it became a usual thing to drink during the day, and wine was available to everyone, both the rich and the slaves. The Romans dedicated their time to wine production throughout the Empire. Since then, the wine producing has spread so much that today we have numerous types of wine, but the most important division is to red wine, white wine, and rosé. Red wines are made from black grapes, where the color is obtained from the skins of the grapes. White wine is made from white grapes, but the color is slightly yellow, and not exactly white, while rosé is also made of red grapes, but absorbing just a little bit of color in order to stay pale red, pink or peach colored, depending on the type of wine. Apart from these three types of wines, there are also sparkling wines, which are very popular and which contain carbon dioxide that makes them bubbly.  The most well-known example of a sparkling wine is champagne, which is made in France, in the Champagne region.

Wine is a perfect drink during a meal, and nowadays everyone can afford a bottle of wine from the supermarket since the selection is wide and the prices can be very affordable depending on the brand. Those with a more sophisticated taste in wines choose more expensive, older wines with a name. After all, it is not the price of wine that is the most important, but the way in which we enjoy wine. All in all, winemakers strive to improve their products more and more, so there is a great number of wines to soothe everyone`s taste and the fact is we spend lots of money on wine every year.  If you are interested in knowing more about varieties of quality kosher wine then read our list of Most Expensive Kosher Wine in the World.

French and Italian consumers used to drink the most wine per year, but recently the situation started changing, so they cut back on wine while the popularity of wine grew within the American consumers as they started drinking more wine than before, which resulted with American brands being now more present on the top brand lists and slowly starting to dominate the market.  In order to find the most sold bottles of wine, we have searched the Internet, compared lists of best-selling bottles of wine in the past several years and voila – a list of 10 most sold bottles of wine. 

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