10 Best Selling Pet Products in America

We simply had to present you with the best selling pet products in America. The reason is that you either have a pet, or you are seriously considering getting one. The figures don’t lie. American Pet Products Association tells us Americans are probably going to spend $69.36 billion (yes, billion, not million) on their beloved pets. Just look around yourself and this shouldn’t sound so surprising. If you have already went out for a walk today, you must have crossed path with someone’s furry friend. Either that, or you have fed/walked/patted your own. The numbers have been showing steady growth, and the pets are going to be even more pampered. Bearing that in mind, the pet products are a great market if you wish to invest in a certain field. Perhaps you are here just to satisfy your curiosity, but if you have some business ideas, we can help you with that (in which case you definitely need to check out our list of Best Products to Sell From Home).

Let us take a look which products you could focus on, i.e. which items are best selling pet products in America. To do proper market research, we consulted PR Newswire about the latest trends in 2017 when it comes to pet products. They constructed a reliable list of the pet products trends in 2017 based on statistics taken from Packaged Facts, a serious website with serious prices of their research. The overall impression would be that the pet humanization trend continues. Though it may be over-the-top for some, it is an undeniable fact that these trends are shaping the pet products sales and influencing the manufacturers. Once again, this data concerns the USA, not the whole world.

10 Best Selling Pet Products in America

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Next, what had to be implemented is the fact that some products aren’t a trend, but they are the absolute necessity, and naturally, Americans spend most of their money on those. So we inspected the American Pet Products Association report once more and found that most cash in 2017 is going to be spent on food ($29.69 billion). Most purchased pets are dogs and cats, and the first require more vitamins, supplements and food than the latter. Searching the web for the most popular products was challenging, but Amazon and certain pet specialized websites were of great help.

Since we couldn’t find any crude figure – relevant statistics on this topic, in our search we took into consideration the most owned species, and the current trends in pet ownership and care in the USA. The results we obtained are shown in our list of best selling pet products in America.