10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Canada

Our list of the best selling consumer products in Canada can sure come in as handy if you’re thinking about starting a business in the consumer industry.

We live in a consumer society and all the consumer products are in fact the foundation of it. The fact is that we can’t imagine our lives without buying things. We are used to having it all and we simply can’t settle for less, and we have become attached to many material things. I don’t want to say that it’s wrong (although it kind of is) because it is understandable. In a world where everything is just a click away, who doesn’t want to make their life more comfortable?

10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Canada


We buy things on a daily basis, be it food or alcohol, or something else. If you’re curious about it, take a look at the Best Selling Consumer Products in the USA to see what do we buy most often. The consumer industry brings huge amounts of money to other industries too, such as advertising. Why are we so crazy about consumer products? The key is in marketing an individual product and promoting a brand. Companies are trying really hard to amaze us with marketing and the packaging of the product, while also focusing on the satisfaction of the consumers. These are the key elements needed for a consumer product to be a success.

The consumer industry is not just booming everywhere. We already wrote about consumer products in the USA, so today we will focus on their neighbors, the Canadians. We wanted to know what are the best-selling consumer products in this country, and for this purpose, we needed research data from Euromonitor International and Statista. Our goal was to find the booming products and consumer product categories that have recorded a steady growth in the last couple of years as well as this one. We present to you the 10 best-selling consumer products in Canada.