10 Best Places to Visit in Latin America Before You Die

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Have you ever wondered of the best places to visit in Latin America before you die? Latin America is the home of ultimate adventures: trekking to Machu Picchu, hiking at Torres del Paine, swimming in Galapagos, sunbathing, selfie-taking, and endless walking to next day’s exploration. The top three reasons why you should pack your bags and travel Latin America are: 1. Travel is affordable, even in long-term, 2. Landscapes are totally overwhelming, 3. It’s a safe ground for one to explore new places, cultures, and people. On the other side, just like in Mexico, there have been a lot of crime reports from the countries in Latin America: pickpocketing, muggings, robberies, and even drug trafficking. Although, we may not erase what the reports have said in the past, now is the time that we change our minds, Latin America will give you a better impression of their lovely countries. We mentioned about the 10 best places to visit in Mexico that are beautiful and safe, and in this post you can also expect us to give travel hacks and tips about your safety when living the life of a nomad in Latin America.

Despite the devastating crime reports and negative feedbacks about the countries in Latin America, it is still a wonderland worth travelling for. This post would be your all-time guide with the best places to visit in Latin America before you die. Most of the countries we have on the list are the safest countries to travel and live in the whole world! Our ranking was based on educational attainment and tourism crime rates of each country.

So we will not let you hold your horses too long, here are the best places to visit in Latin America before you die!

10. Torres del Paine, Chile

Chile ranked top 30 out of 162 countries in the world in Global Peace Index Rank. Moreover, the country has a low threat of terrorism which and only few or no reported injury incidents as well. On the other hand; you cannot miss Chile’s natural beauty. One sight that you must not miss is the Parque Nacional Torres Del Paines’s picturesque physique and ambiance. If you want to be the eye of the town, you can try a ride at Teleferico over Santiago (capital city of Chile). From above, expect to see the abundant sceneries of Andes and the cosmopolitan city itself.


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