10 Best Places to Retire in Nebraska

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You want to find out the 10 best places to retire in Nebraska? No problem, that’s why we are here; to save you time and trouble.

If you like beef, pork, corn or soybeans (of course not necessarily combined), you’ll feel you are in heaven in Nebraska. This state is a major agricultural producer, and agriculture makes the backbone of the economy here. Although people around the world are trying to run away from agriculture, Nebraska is a perfect proof that agriculture works. According to the latest records, the unemployment rate in Nebraska was 2.5%, the lowest in the entire nation.

Best Places to Retire in Nebraska

However, it isn’t all ideal in Nebraska. There are some issues with this state you should be aware of. First, there is a big issue with so-called “rural flight”. Nebraska has disproportional population density, with 89% of the cities having less than 3,000 residents and hundreds of towns having less than 1,000 residents. Another possible problem is climate, which can vary a lot. In every part of the state seasonal variations of both rainfall and temperatures happen. The summers can get unbearably hot and winters freezingly cold. Of course, there is that thing with tornados, but we don’t want to frighten you more than needed.

In our search for the best places to retire in Nebraska we used state’s 20 most livable places (with a population greater than 5,000) according to Area Vibes. After that, we checked how each of those places stands when it comes to these 4 factors – the number of physicians per capita (100,000), the cost of living, the number of residents aged 65 years and over, and the cost of living. The data were obtained from Sperling’s Best Places and U.S. Census, and we calculated the average ranking for each place, hence making it our unique list of most suitable places for retirees in Nebraska.  And, if gambling and flashy lights are more of your thing, then be sure to check out the 10 best places to retire in Nevada as well.

Now, let’s finally see the list!

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