10 Best Places to Retire in Nevada

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Although it is the state’s most famous city, don’t expect Las Vegas to be among 10 best places to retire in Nevada. We know it seems tempting, but only Elvis Presley could stand living in Las Vegas for more than a week.

We have to warn you, “Silver State” is made mostly of desert, so if you can’t handle the heat, think about skipping this one. Nevada is officially the driest state in the whole United States.  Yes, even drier than New Mexico, the state we visited in our list of 10 best places to retire in New Mexico. Temperatures in Nevada can go pretty high, but there is one advantage of it. Although winters can be cold, they usually tend to last shorter and be milder than in other regions of the country.

10 Best Places to Retire in Nevada

“Vice” state has two things that sound tempting in theory; legalized prostitution and gambling. In reality, this is mostly aimed towards tourists and not residents, but it is not ours to judge. Besides gambling and prostitution, there is a lot more of interesting and appealing things in Nevada like parks, recreation areas and rich wildlife. One thing that could be an issue in Nevada due to many economic advantages is overcrowding that is already present in some parts of the state.

To determine best retiring places in Nevada we used 20 most livable places in Nevada (with a population greater than 5,000) according to Area Vibes. After that, we checked each place for the cost of living, the number of physicians per capita (100,000), crime rates and residents aged 65 years and over. These information were taken from Sperling’s Best Places and U.S. Census and separate rankings from 1 to 20 were made for each of these factors. After we had summed up the scores for each place in Retirement Score, we got what we were looking for.

10. Spanish Springs

Retirement Score: 32

Cost of Living: 17% more expensive than U.S. average

Physicians per Capita: 282

Crime Rates: 23

Residents Aged 65 and Over: 9,6%

Spanish Springs is considered a census-designated place and offers a perfect peace for those wanting something quiet. It is one of the safest places on the list.

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