10 Best Places to Retire in Japan

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Kindness, hospitality, a large number of ancient temples, mystical mountains and futuristic cities are just a few of the many characteristics that determine the best places to retire in Japan. These attributes make Land of the Rising Sun recognizable everywhere in the world. Enchanting beauty and culture of this country are really worth seeing and experiencing.

The country is mostly mountainous, with around 80% of the mountainous surface, and about 66% covered by woods. Main features of this turbulent area along the coast of the Pacific Ocean are frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The most famous volcano in Japan is, of course, Mt.Fuji, whose last eruption was back in 1707, but despite this geologists still classify it as active. Fuji represents the holy mountain and a symbol of Japan, and it is also an endless source of artistic inspiration, as well as the object of pilgrimage.

 Best Places to Retire in Japan

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The fact, that Japanese cities do not belong to the list of 20 most affordable international cities to retire, should not be the obstacle for you to spend your golden year in one of them, because they offer ideal conditions for life, which include acceptable costs of living, the quality system of health care and various sources of entertainment. Openness to new ideas, as well as to everything that is modern and new, is felt at every step. The newcomers will feel welcome here, and they will meet the kindness and respect wherever they go.

To find the absolute best places to retire in Japan we searched and searched for hours on the internet. And finally took the most recommended places by a plethora of web portals such as InvestopediaJapan todayInsidetaleGogonihon, to name a few, who conducted similar research.

Let’s check out those amazing destinations in this unique country called Japan.

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