20 Most Affordable International Cities To Retire

Today we bring you the list of the most affordable international cities to retire, to help you find out where would be the best possible location to retire. When you are done with working, and ought to retirement, the relocating strategy might bring you pleasant and positive experiences, alongside savings and cheaper and better life. You would be surprised how different conditions and standards in countries around the world are.

Spotmatik Ltd/Shutterstock.com

Spotmatik Ltd/Shutterstock.com

More affordable countries seem to be trending in people’s retirement plans; you sell your house, and relocate with your partner, and enjoy in the lovely surroundings of an exotic country that is way more affordable than you could’ve ever imagined. Take a look at 10 cheapest cities to live in the world for some great examples.

Let’s dive into our list of the 20 Most Affordable International Cities to Retire:

20. Dubrovnik, Croatia – $2700 per month

Perfectly fitted between mountains and the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik showcases history at its finest. One can have interesting and inspiring exploration tours throughout this rustic city, guarded by the medieval walls, containing UNESCO’s heritage sites. Cultural events are also attractive, as well as the possibility to explore the mountain area, and climb to the top via cable car. Average cost of living here can be up to $2700 per month, which is not that cheap as the rest of the cities on our list, but still it’s pretty decent and affordable. Especially if you’re planning retirement in couple.