10 Best Places to Retire in Idaho

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If it is time for your retirement and you are looking for quiet places to retire to in your very own neighborhood, take a look at this list of 10 best places to retire in Idaho. This list will provide you with details of cities in which you will certainly not regret spending your retirement fund. Nevertheless, if you really on the budget, but still wish to move further to another continent you can take a look at cheapest countries to retire in Europe, as well.

Idaho, also known as the ‘Gem State’ for the various sorts of gemstones found here, seems like a remote place to finally spend one’s saved cash, but the fact is, Idaho is an ideal place for recreation and outdoorsy activities. Therefore, for a nature loving retiree who loves hiking, skiing, biking, golfing and fishing, Idaho is the right fit. Another advantage that makes Idaho an attractive place to live is the fact that the cost of living (including housing, grocery, transportation, etc.) here is 1.9% less than the national average in the US.

 Best Places to Retire in Idaho


If we talk about climate, however, winters in Idaho can be extremely cold with 44 inches of snow per year as compared to 25 inches in an average city in the US. Harsh winters may be a no-no for some, but the clean environment and low cost of health care in this state more than makes up for them. In fact, if one is retiring to Idaho for the outdoor facilities, then the snow might not be bothersome at all considering that skiing is one of its attractions.

Keeping all this in mind, we have collected our data from Sperling’s Best Places, and prepared a ranking of the best places to retire to in the Gem State. To make things a little easier, we have taken those cities into consideration which have been ranked highest by various portals, including Livability, Area Vibes, Niche, and Market watch. The factors that we have taken into account in this ranking include:

  • Costs of living – we have considered whether or not these costs are lower than the national average;
  • Number of physicians per 100,000 population;
  • Crime rate – we have taken the crime rate on a scale of 1 to 100 comparing it to the US average of 41.4;
  • Average one-way commute time

We have assigned a score to the selected cities based on each of the above factors, by ranking them individually in each category and then combining the score of all the factors. The highest score has resulted in the top ranked city in the following list of 10 best places to retire in Idaho.

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