11 Cheapest Countries To Retire In Europe

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What are the cheapest countries to retire in Europe? You have worked hard your entire life and since the retirement is getting closer, maybe it is time for you to consider where you can enjoy your free days and spend your hard earned retirement fund. Well, all we can say is that you are reading the right article, since we have made a list of the 11 cheapest countries to retire in Europe, and one of them might be the dream country you have always dreamt of. We hope that the information you get from this article will help you in deciding which European country best suits your pension budget, but if you want more information about cheapest countries in the world, then check our article most affordable countries to live and retire in the world. Before we can say: “The cheapest country for retirement”, there are some factors that have to be taken into consideration. The most important one is definitely the cost of living, which includes basic expenses such as rent, healthcare, the price of fuel or public transport, and the last, but not the least, comes the climate.

Cheapest Countries To Retire In Europe

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Before we start naming the countries where you can start your holiday for life, let’s explain, in detail,  the factors that make these countries the cheapest to retire:

Cost of living

By definition, the cost of living refers to the amount of money you need, on a monthly basis, needed to keep a certain level of living, and that includes:

– Real estate prices: Meaning that you will want to find a country where rent is much cheaper than where you come from.

– Food: This means that your new country should offer cheap food, which further means that you will be able to eat like a king, and not worry about the price.

– Healthcare: This is a very important factor, and you have to be sure that the country where you plan to retire offers a good health care system. Basically, what you need to know is the price of the health insurance, and what is included in that price. You don’t want to live somewhere where you pay for health insurance, and then pay additional money for every exam, or anything related to health care.

– The price of fuel and Public transport: Also an important factor, since you will have plenty of free time, you will want to travel around the country and explore what it has to offer, so it is necessary that the price of fuel or the price of public transport is not high.


This factor is important, but every person has different ideal climate standards. The point is that you have to make sure that the country where you will retire has the ideal conditions that will positively influence your health.

Basically, what we did to create a valid list, is that we have ranked the countries based on the cost of living, because that is the most important factor when looking for the cheapest country, right? The lower the cost of living is, the higher the country is ranked on our list. Now that we have got that explained, it is time to move to the list of the European countries that are cheapest and best for the longest vacation you will ever have.

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