10 Best Places to Retire in Central Florida

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What are the best places to retire in Central Florida? If you’re one of the baby boomers looking for a new home, this article is exactly what you need. Can you see yourself buying a new nest in Florida? Either you already have a solid retirement plan or none yet, Florida got you covered. The Sunshine State is one of the seven states in the USA that don’t have an income tax.

There are many ways to love Florida even if you’re not a retiree. Based on the checklist presented by C2ER or the Council for Community and Economic Research, the cost of living in Orlando is 1% less than the National Average. Another point any home-buyer should consider is the cost of housing in the state. Buying a house in Orlando City will let you save up 10% less than the National Average. The cost of health care and transportation comes 1% less than the National Average. Florida is a state a retiree would want to choose for the affordability and comfort of living it offers.

When it comes to leisure and recreation, Florida serves as one of the tourism hotspots in America. From the finest beaches to the craziest party places, there’s no way you won’t like Florida. After the long years of working for a retirement plan- now you’re only a step away from it.

Best Places to Retire in Central Florida


In order to come up with the list of the best places to retire in Central Florida, we included the number of houses sold to retirees in each county or city. Accessibility and affordability of the place were also covered. Retirees can also pick a place in Central Florida where they can buy a new or resale homes. We were able to shred down a list of ten best places to retire in Central Florida, thanks to 55places.com! It’s not too late to change your mind if Central Florida isn’t the center of your heart. Well, why not move to the other side of the state? Consider the 10 best places to retire in Florida East Coast, let’s see then if your heart would resist its upbeat and young-at-heart atmosphere.

Now let’s move to Central Florida, where the cost of living, climate, and community are your new best friends!

10. Hidden Creek

Sebring, FL
One of the cheapest places to retire in America is in Sebring, Florida. Relocating to your dream retirement place doesn’t need to be expensive. You might want to consider the City on the Circle as your next home as the cost of living in the city is 15.70% lower than the U.S. average. If anyone is interested in buying a new home in Sebring, you can include Hidden Creek then. For less than $100,000, it’s not difficult to spot an ideal home for seniors who want to enjoy the fruit of their work. Hidden Creek has 55 residences at this time. Establishments such The Home Depot, Starbucks, Walmart Supercenter, and Lakeshore Mall are present as well.

Best Places to Retire in Central Florida - Hidden Creek

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