10 Best Lifestyle Blogs for 20 Somethings

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10 best lifestyle blogs for 20 somethings will be very helpful to the millennial looking for some great free reading material. The internet is full of it, thanks to blogging.

From general life advice, through great recipes to fashion and travel tips, these lifestyle blogs cover just about everything. They’re written by young women who know what they’re talking about, and do it in an intriguing way. You’re sure to find their lives interesting, and their writing capital.

To rate these lifestyle blogs, we used a scoring system with six variables and twelve points possible, and rated nearly thirty blogs around the internet that mostly target this age group. Some of the blogs came from lists on Smart Twenties and Gen Twenty, while others have been followed for years by the author of this article, an avid twenty something blog reader herself. Factors include readability, frequency of posts, picture quality and quantity, title quality, trendiness, and niche specific.

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs for 20 Somethings


A high score in readability means posts that flow and make their audience want to continue reading until the end. It also means low ads since no one likes to be bombarded with ads as soon as they enter a site. Lastly, it means fast loading. The best blogs feature quick and easy-to-read articles with clear, simple font to grab the reader.

Frequency of posts is also an important part of a good blog, and readers aren’t patient. They want frequent content, that stays fresh and never gets stale. To determine this, we gave blogs whose latest post were less than a week old two points. Blogs whose latest post was one to two weeks old got one point, and blogs whose latest post was older than two weeks got zero points. Of course good blogs can have infrequent posts, but the best blogs keep it fresh.

Picture quality and quantity is also key. Good photos need to break up the articles, and provide good visuals. Titles also determine a lot. After all, they’re what first grabs the reader. If the title doesn’t seem interesting, they’re already moving on. Of course some titles of posts are merely definitive rather than drawing. But blogs with these types of post titles only received one point because not only do titles need to explain, they need to draw.

Blogs for twenty somethings naturally need to be trendy as well. This means not only in looks, but in content. A good recipe blog should post seasonally appropriate recipes, and a good fashion blog should keep up with the latest style trends.

Lastly, most good blogs are niche specific. A niche is the blog’s specialty- whether cooking or motherhood or millennial. Lifestyle blogs have a little more room to expand on their topics, but they should still be within a specific boundary. This is what sets them apart from the rest.

With our system, each variable has the highest points possible of two, so the total score of a perfect blog is twelve.

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Here goes! The 10 best lifestyle blogs for 20 somethings.

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