10 Best Imported Beer In 2020

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Beer lovers, get your hands on the 10 Best Imported Beer in 2020!

It’s no news that America loves its beer. According to a USAToday article, Americans consumed an estimated 6.3 billion gallons of beer in 2018, which comes to about 26.2 gallons per adult. Beer is clearly the hot favorite among American drinkers and as stated by Time, almost 40% of alcohol drinkers have chosen beer as their preferred beverage. However, beer also comes in all kinds of tastes, flavors and origin. Even beer drinking trends have seen a wide scenario change over the years. And, while demand for craft beer has seen a steady rise in popularity with local taprooms becoming the indie favorites in recent times – imported beer still captures the larger chunk of the market and is very hard to displace. Import beer sales increased by 6.1% in 2019, according to Forbes, while domestic beer sales continued to  decline.

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Most of America’s imported beer influx comes from countries like Germany, Belgium and Ireland, however, Mexico remains a classic favorite. Mexican brands continue to lead the American markets, with beers from Constellation Brands cutting an edge in the beer markets. It’s Modello and Corona lager brands are giving their American counterparts a run for their money! Even for top selling brands such as Budweiser, Constellation brands have posed to be a major competitor.

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Light lagers and fruity flavors have shown to be a market favorite for alcohol drinkers. But, currently trends also indicate a shift of taste towards hard seltzers which might cause significant changes in the beer market as well. This has prompted some big beer brands to also launch their own hard seltzer drinks. Constellation Brands also plans to introduce its very own seltzer drinks under the Corona brand name.

That being imported beers are still hard to displace from the best selling list of alcoholic beverages. To compile our list we have referred to Vinepair and Top of Anything’s list, and considered the top selling foreign brands of beer.

If you are looking for some new beer to try that isn’t your usual American fare, this list is a great place to start. First step is to  pick the best imported beer for yourself by deciding on your preferred beer kinds. These imported beers cover a wide range of tastes, flavors and pocket friendliness.

So where is America’s favorite beer brands coming from? Find out with our list of Best Imported Beer in 2020!

10. Newcastle Brown ale

The brown ale is a niche favorite, with a dedicated following that is ready to vouch for it! The strong and fruity brew had its origin in Newcastle, however is not brewed by Heineken, and imported by USA.

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