10 Best Freelance Websites for Musicians

Whether you are an employed musician looking for a part time job for earning some extra money, or looking for some more serious job opportunities, you might start looking for the best freelance websites for musicians.

There are many jobs you can do as a freelance musician. First of all is to perceive your own skills and music knowledge. If you are a professional musician, then the question is whether you would like to teach music or work as a composer for example. If you are a self-taught enthusiast, you might also get involved in teaching and composing, depending on your preferences. Apart from these two opportunities, there are many other things a freelance musician can do. There are opportunities for creating music for video games, getting involved in the film industry, audio design, music production and many more that are offered on freelance websites for musicians. Starting any of those might be tough in the beginning, but don’t give up! Promote yourself, work hard, show your best work, follow tips and ask for the help of experienced colleagues.

10 Best Freelance Websites for Musicians


We’ve sought for advice from the professionals and thus first went to see what Berklee Career Center has to say on this subject. Then for personal preferences, we’ve checked Quora and Reddit. We’ve also checked some common freelance websites not specialized in music to check the offer they give for jobs for freelance musicians. Some of them you can also find on our list of 10 Best Freelance Websites for Programmers.

Another option might be starting your own website, where you would introduce yourself, your music background and present your offers. That is one way of advertising and promoting your music skills and knowledge. You might also join communities such as the Portfolio composer or follow Music Publishing Podcast that will give you further guidance in developing more skills (concerning business and promotion) at any stage of your music career.

Although freelance music jobs do not only include things you can do from your home, we have mostly (though not exclusively) concentrated here on those kinds of jobs. We have chosen the following best freelance websites for musicians: