10 Best Free Apps for Special Education Teachers

Today we put together a list of the best free apps for special education teachers in the hopes that, with their help, all children, no matter the difficulties they face, will have an easier time in school.

Of course, teachers who are looking to give a helping hand to children with a wide range of disabilities can also take advantage of these Best Resources for Special Education Teachers.

Those who aspire to help children with complex needs, should know in advance that it’s a difficult, but rewarding task. These children need extra support from their educators, or perhaps even an advanced program of learning so they can reach their full potential.

10 Best Free Apps for Special Education Teachers


They may suffer from physical disabilities, sensory impairments, learning difficulties, speech and language issues, autism, mental health problems, or a combination of these. Each individual needs an understanding educator that knows how to overcome any difficulties the task at hand presents in order to properly help.

While all teachers are special and have a lot of work to put in, it’s of the utmost importance that special needs educators are even more prepared. They need to be able to use special equipment and facilities, special skills that will enable them to communicate with each and every student, such as knowing Braille, and more.

Under these circumstances, a little help goes a long way, especially when it comes in the form of technology. For our list today we took a look at several other lists of apps recommended for kids with special needs, from sites such as Masters in special education, The Journal, Autism plugged in, or Early Education Zone. We then checked to see which of these apps overlapped and handed those apps some extra point. Then, we checked to see how popular these were on the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store, although the latter is practically useless since no one reviews there and the shop itself doesn’t provide too many statistics. Not all of the apps on our list are completely free, but I guess that the price of $3 or less is not something that should kick a good app from this ranking.

The apps with the highest ratings got the most points. Similarly, the apps with the most reviews got the same treatment. In the end, we added all the points and ended up with the final list of the best free apps for special education teachers.