9 Best Resources for Special Education Teachers

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This list of best resources for special education teachers is very important for both special education teachers and parents of children with learning disabilities. Here they can find some very useful materials to cope with the battle they fight every day.  According to research, there is at least one child with some type of disability in literally every classroom. It is estimated that there are more than six million students with some learning disabilities in the US. Autism is the most common disorder detected among school children, but there are also other disorders that cause smaller or bigger problems with learning to students. Besides autism, we need to mention the Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, problems with reading, dyslexia or various handicaps.

Students with learning disabilities completely rely on their teacher. The teacher has to be smart, creative, well-informed about his students’ problems and empathic, but at the same time it is necessary that the teacher performs all regular duties in the classroom on a daily basis. To work with children with special needs, it is not enough to be a good teacher only. You have to adjust your approach to each child’s needs, you have to find out as much as you can about their disorders and then find the proper way to fight them. You have to know each child’s problems and barriers in the process of learning and then come up with the best strategy to work with these children, which requires making a considerable effort.  You are not only a teacher; you are a full-time employee who does most of the preparations for work at home and spends a lot of time on finding the best materials to help students with learning disabilities.

10 Best Resources for Special Education Teachers


The good news is that the teacher is not the only person who is in charge of helping children with learning disabilities. Elderly people used to say that it took a whole village to raise a child. We must admit that a teacher cannot do much without the support and help from a child’s family, society, government and a legal system with clear and stable regulations. Consequently, cooperation among all these parties is necessary to bring this difficult task to an end. Teachers need to be provided with the appropriate teaching materials and resources, so that they can make a slight progress in teaching children with special needs every day.

Although the internet is full of some very useful resources, like blogs and websites with materials and interactive games, there are many other resources where special education teachers can find important information. There are numerous books, guides and flyers, usually printed by the government, a medical college or people with long experience in special education. It is very important to catch up with all the new findings in this field, which are also considered to be valuable resources for teachers. Additionally, being informed about new discoveries in medicine helps teachers cope with and control different stages of a given disorder. It is expected that teachers know and use special education resources, curriculums and classroom materials. They must visit conferences where teachers share their experiences and get informed about new literature on this subject.

Being a special education teacher is both challenging and rewarding, so many countries in the world have invested in the education of these people. If you are considering changing your state, maybe the list of 20 best states for special education teachers can help you choose the state you want to move to. The same help and advice can be found on our list of 11 cities with the highest demand for special education teachers, too.

It seemed logical to start with the internet and websites in order to find names of organizations and groups recommended as best resources for special education teachers like Online Sju, Top Education Degree, Blog Sun Belt Staffing and Csnlg. We have combined those lists with recommendations from Google which offered single sites as valuable resources for teachers. Having collected all these resources, we organized them according to the field they are related to and made our list of the best resources for special education teachers.

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