10 Best Franchises to Open in 2018 with $10k

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Here we will go through some of the best franchises to open in 2018 with $10k, according to their popularity.

Why chose a franchise over your own small business idea? Well, both of the choices have benefits of their own, and there are plenty ideas for starting a business for under 5000$ (or on that matter also small business ideas with 100K) out there, but buying a franchise means you already have the business plan worked out. Wouldn’t say it’s easier, but at least you don’t start from a scratch.

Best Franchises to Open in 2018 with $10k

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Also, opening a franchise in a small town (eg. Dunkin Donuts, Anytime Fitness or Patrol Service International) gives you a good perspective, and an opportunity to give the smaller community a glimpse of a metropolitan area – indicating higher traffic and therefore higher profit. So on some good ideas, you might go through the 17 Most Profitable Franchises to Buy in 2018, but here we would only consider some of the best business ideas to start with 10K.

So, obviously, we started searching for some ideas on Franchises Under 10K where we have filtered the hot picks. The Franchise Direct provided us with the info on top popular franchises with 10K. In the search for the best and most popular franchises, we came across resources such as FitSmallBusines, Practical Business Ideas, Executive Franchises, Franchisegator, Top Franchise Opportunities, Advisory HQ, and America’s Best Franchises. In the end, the ranking and choice of the best franchises to open in 2018 with 10K was based on their popularity among these resources. The amount of cash needed was also approximated based on their data.

Surely opening a franchise with 10k or less means you are not heading up to something huge, like when you are looking for some best businesses to start with 100k, so expect those businesses to be of a local character, i.e., offering some basic products and services, such as cleaning, repairs, advertising, etc. On that matter, there are plenty of businesses you can work from home, with literally no starting investment needed, but we will leave those best businesses to start with no money for some other time.

On the matter of our today’s topic you might also check out the 12 Best Low Cost Franchises with high Profits in 2018, but being more specific now, let’s see some of the best franchises to open in 2018 with $10K (and even less):

10. Social Owl

Investment needed: $150

Yeah, only $150. But what’s the deal with Social Owl? Buying this franchise gives you an opportunity to cooperate with other local businesses and working on their advertisement. Not a bad starting point for practice and experiment with low investment franchise.

Best Franchises to Open in 2018 with $10k


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