10 Best Fast Food Franchises to Purchase

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If you’re in the market to purchase a franchise with a recognizable name, you’re probably curious which are the best fast food franchise to purchase. Indeed evaluating a company’s performance is not easy, and moreover, there are different variables which need to be taken into account when choosing a new business to invest in. If you were thinking about the Quick Service Restaurant’s industry, it is important to take into consideration its specificity. There is no doubt that the QSR market is pretty large, and indeed very rewarding in terms of franchise system and revenues. Everyone has to eat eventually, and top mega-chains provide not only delicious food, but they also work as a perfected machine in which everything, from food formula up to the restaurants’ design is studied and evaluated in order to perform at its maximum.

Top 10 Fast Food Franchises to Buy

One of the things that everyone planning to start a business needs to take into account is the state in which they plan to run it, in the case of US-based franchises. Some companies work better in small environments, while others are fed precisely from intense flux of customers and consumers. Moreover, each state has its own diverse conditions in terms of taxes, environmental regulations, and work force availability as well as growth prospects, among others. Choosing the right state to run your business in is certainly key in order to succeed. We have compiled a list featuring The 10 Best States to Have a Business, revealing a ranking of the best states to run a business according to a survey of more than 500 American CEOs. Some of the states with better opportunities to start a business are Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

Yet the QSR industry is never an easy one. A good franchise deal combines different elements, such as an average sales-to-investment ratio, consumer satisfaction ratings, corporate support and marketing and branding strategies. This time we have made a list featuring the top ten best fast food franchises to purchase. In order to compile this list, we have taken into account the recent publication made by QSR Magazine, which ranks fast food chains evaluating their performance through considering single-store revenues. So, if you ever dreamed of being your own boss, QSR’s are a great option regarding franchises. Here then are the top ten of such franchises to purchase.

No. 10 Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits

Founded in: 1977

Number of units: 536

Average annual single-store sales: $1,717,500

No. 9 Zaxby’s

Headquarters: Athens, Georgia

Founded in: 1990

Number of units: 565

Annual average single-store sales: $1,765,700

No. 8 Culver’s

Headquarters: Prairie du Sac,  Wisconsin

Founded in: 1984

Number of units: 472

Average annual single-store sales: $1,837,500

No. 7 Whataburger

Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Founded in: 1950

Number of units: 740

Annual average single-store sales: $1,996,000

No. 6 Chipotle Mexican Grill

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Founded in: 1993

Number of units: 1,410

Average annual single-store sales: $2,113,000

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