The 10 Best States to Have a Business

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Best States to Have a Business: When it comes to owning a company or a small business, there are always several factors in play that will determine what state will favor your enterprise the most. Taxes, environmental regulations, available work force, growth prospects and economic climate are just some of the things that must be taken into account. Hence, although you might already have seen our list of the 7 most profitable businesses you could start, you might want to take a look at the following list of the best states to have a business as well.

The variation within the United States is extraordinary in terms of favorable conditions for business owners, and thus, choosing the wrong state can seriously influence your chances of joining the ranks of the most profitable small businesses in the country. In order to help you determine which is the best place for you to open shop, more than 500 American CEOs were surveyed by regarding their views on the most favorable states to have a business.

As mentioned above, taxes and regulations vary according to each state, but so does the attitude of employees towards upper management. According to the CEOs questioned, this affects the quality of the workforce available, as do other factors, such as public healthcare and education, housing and the overall cost of living. Taking all these factors into account, the CEOs constructed an interesting ranking. So let’s find out which are the ten best states to have a business.

10) Georgia

Georgia is ranked 10th in our list of best states to have a business. The state stands out on a national scale due to its good living conditions, which several CEOs consider important for customer-related reasons. Also, since the passing of important legislature which reformed worker’s comp and cut costs for businesses, Georgia improved its position relative to 2013.
Georgia Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia built 1885-1889.

9) Louisiana

A growing state GDP and unemployment rates below the national average are just two of the reasons why Louisiana is ranked 9th. By reducing its tax burden on the business community, this state has made itself an increasingly attractive location.
new orleans

8) Nevada

Nevada ranks 8th in our list of best states to have a business. The living environment might not be the best in Nevada, however infrastructure and a relatively low tax burden have made this state increasingly business-friendly. The construction of a superhighway connecting Phoenix and Nevada, along with the investments made by large firms such as Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) have surely been beneficial.
Old Motels and Historic Neon Art in Las Vegas, Nevada

7) Arizona

Innovation has come to Arizona, thanks to the sapphire plant Apple Inc has built in Mesa. In addition, the Innovation Challenge is a great incentive, as it awards the winners with a savvy $250,000 bonus for start-ups. The only down-side seems to be the living quality, which CEOs viewed as restrictive and exclusive.
Fastest Growing Cities Phoenix

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