10 Best Etsy Shops for Nurses and Nursing Students

Paging nurse YOU: here are some of the 10 best Etsy shops for nurses and nursing students that can be a gift or treat yo’self guide.

I’m not a nurse, nor do I use Etsy regularly; however, I know a lot of people who are one of or both of those things. Nurses work super long hours and I think it’s pretty important for them to have fun things on their uniforms to individualize a boring set of scrubs and also be a little source of positivity, especially for anyone working the night shift. You could work the night shift with or without glitter on your badge, but I think it’s better with glitter.

10 Best Etsy Shops for Nurses and Nursing Students

Sean Locke Photography/Shutterstock.com

Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces today and it made its internet debut 10 years ago. There are now over 40 million registered Etsy users, including buyers and sellers. Each seller and buyer fits generally into a specific niche within the arts, crafts, and vintage items umbrella.

The shops that made it to this list are shops that sell artsy items that are useful or interesting to both nurses and nursing students. These could be customized printed shirts, charms, jewelry, or necessary supplies needed for nurses. The ones that made our list are pretty diverse, and as I mentioned before, have specialized products. Everything is exclusively for nurses (or a fun Halloween costume if you’re into that sort of thing). I used data from Scrub Mag and Roseman University’s website. I then took a look at the shop rankings and average them to arrive at the results below.

For a list of some inspirationally successful shops, take a look at the 10 Most Profitable Etsy Shops in 2017. Keep on reading to find out what the 10 best Etsy shops for nurses and nursing students: