10 Best Engineering Summer Camps for Middle School Students

Offer your kids fun and useful summer activity by sending them to some of the best engineering summer camps for middle school students. If they are already interested in science and engineering, summer camps are an ideal place to broaden their knowledge through entertainment and learning at some of the top US universities.

An early introduction to such a serious scientific field that is engineering is a great idea, especially at an early age. One of the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, engineering also has multiple applications in a variety of disciplines. There are many engineering branches: chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, etc. The main characteristic of a discipline having ‘engineering’ in its name is applying mathematical, scientific and practical principles to certain scientific (or social) fields in order to improve, and research them, inventing something new. It probably sounds very broad, but that’s because it is a vast and innovating field. Chemical engineers, for example, work on developing new chemical improvements in petroleum research for example. Civil engineers work on infrastructure and building. Biomedical engineers work on new technologies for improving health and health care.

10 Best Engineering Summer Camps for Middle School Students

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So, kids interested in literally any field of science can participate in some engineering summer camps, where they will get basic knowledge on engineering application in sciences. Also, for some future thinking here are 10 Best Engineering Camps for High Schoolers.

We have searched for summer engineering camps for middle school students on places like Engineering Education Service Center,  NASA, TeenLife and also on colleges’ individual pages like Boston University or Michigan University. Then, in order to make the list of the best ones, we compared the rating of institutions with the help of ranking from websites such as Graduates Hotline, U.S News and Top Universities.

The leading university in this field, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), unfortunately does not offer any engineering programs and summer camps for middle school. Leaving that one for later on, choose some of the best engineering summer camps for middle school students we have picked for you: