10 Best Cities and States For Tennis Players in America

Game, set, see if you can guess what the best cities and states for tennis players in America are.

When I played tennis in high school, I mostly did it so I could miss classes during tournaments and have another patch to add to my letterman jacket. Having qualifications on that jacket was a big deal, and prior to tennis I only had patches for debate and cross country, which I felt made me pretty lame. So tennis it was. I wasn’t necessarily bad at it, but I wasn’t the best player and I think it’s mostly just because I kept injuring myself during matches. Serving hurt my shoulder, and the quick movements hurt both my hip and my ankles. Tennis is not for the weak. That being said, I don’t really know if I was taught how to move properly. It takes special skill to be able to move quickly without causing injury to yourself. Track and cross country were enough to cause me pain.



Tennis requires a lot of training and practice if you want to be good. It’s important to find a good court and have all the necessary tools, like good shoes and a good racquet. The most successful countries in tennis have found many ways to make it through all of that intense work. The best players in the world didn’t get by without living somewhere where they can practice and do well.

The best places for tennis players are the ones that have a lot of tennis courts and a good amount of already registered players. This means that a city has the proper facilities to allow for practice. Mainly, we took our data from Play Your Court to find the best cities in the south, west, and northeast, as well as data from My Tennis Lessons. We took the recommendations and sorted them by the average of registered tennis players and number of tennis courts.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best cities and states for tennis players in America.