10 Best Camera Drones Under $100

If you want to buy yourself a new toy, why don’t you just pick one of these 10 best camera drones under $100? They won’t set you back much and will bring you a lot of joy.

Drones are one of the hottest things to own these days and sales are skyrocketing. According to Federal Aviation Administration reports, 2.7 million drones were sold in the past year, and that’s only the beginning. Rough estimations say that drone sales will see a 180 percent increase until 2020, amounting up to 7 million sold units and turning drone industry in one worth around $5.6 billion.

10 Best Camera Drones Under $100

Alexey Yuzhakov/Shutterstock.com

There are a few things you should know before buying a drone. You shouldn’t just buy a drone for the sole purpose of owning a drone. We know it is cool to say you are a proud owner of a drone, but in the long run, it is money wasted if you buy one that doesn’t fit your needs. People buy drones because their friend owns the same one or it is affordable, and later they discover it just doesn’t do what they thought it would do. If you want to fool around with a drone, you should buy a smaller drone, one that can do flips or other tricks. If you want to use a drone for some serious photography or videography, you need to get the one with a high-end camera. The point is that you need to decide on what you want your drone to do and then make the purchase.

Not all drones are easy to use or have the same characteristics. For the beginner, someone who is just getting familiar with drones, it is crucial to get the drone that is easy to fly. This way, you will get the sense of maneuvering it and have the most fun with it. It wouldn’t be fun if you would crash your drone into a tree repeatedly, would it? Also, it is desirable for your drone to have a camera since it is nice to capture the world around you from above. Camera quality usually rises with the drone’s cost. You can read more about these types of drones in our article 7 Easiest Drones to Fly With a Camera. Then there are controllers. If you want to see through the eyes of your drone, you’ll need to get one with FPV (first person view) controller.

Your drone must fit your skill level. If you already have few drones, you will maybe decide to buy one that needs to be set up in order to fly, but if you are a beginner then you have to choose the RTF (ready to fly) drone that you just need to unbox in order to get it in the air. Note that size doesn’t matter, and smaller drones can bring you as much joy as the bigger ones.

It is estimated that more than 50 percent of users buy drones that are $500 worth or more. When you think about it, this is a large sum of money to spend on this kind of equipment if you don’t intend to use it professionally. In this case, pricier isn’t always better. Given the rise of industry, drones became affordable to almost everyone without compromising on quality. You can buy a quality drone for toying around for under $100. This is where our list of 10 best camera drones under $100 kicks in.

To come up with our list, we checked the recommendations for drones under $100 from drone and tech specialized sites like Drone Supremacy, Drones Globe, Drones World and Heavy among others. We singled out the drones that were equipped with a camera and were recommended the most. Those ones flew onto our list. What are we waiting for? Let the fun begin.