10 Best Blogs for Special Education Teachers

If you’re looking for some great special education resources, look no further than our list of the best blogs for special education teachers.

To find the best blogs about special education, we used a site called Bloglovin‘ where users can like and save their favorite blogs and blog posts. It’s basically a social media specifically for blogs. Not every blog has a place on Bloglovin’, but most of them do, especially the popular ones, which we’re honing in on today.

10 Best Blogs for Special Education Teachers


Each blog on Bloglovin’ has a number of followers listed in the left corner of its profile page. This is how we ranked the items on our list. Blogs with the most followers landed at the bottom of our list, while blogs with a smaller following are found at the top. But even the first blog listed has over 500 followers, so you know it’s at least somewhat trusted and popular.

Being a special ed teacher is no piece of cake. These teachers have to possess the patience of Job, along with more grace than most people have their share of. Being a teacher in the first place is a difficult job, but being a special education teacher? It makes you wonder who would sign up for such a thing. But these teachers have huge hearts and a passion for what they do. They truly care about the kids they teach, even the most difficult ones. We applaud them.

Some of them even care enough to document their experiences online for other special ed teachers to learn from, and you’ll find some of those resources on this list. From big blogs with multiple contributors to personal ramblings of singular teachers, you can become acquainted with some of the hard-to-find special education blogs you’ve been looking for.

Naturally, special ed teachers need all the help and encouragement they can get from the world wide web. And thankfully, there are many resources available for them (see also Best Resources for Special Education Teachers). Starting with the best blogs for special education teachers. Hope you enjoy!

10. Fun in ECSE

Bloglovin’ followers: 598

In case you’re inexperienced in the lingo of special education teachers, ECSE stands for Early Childhood Special Education, and this blog’s subtitle is “Teaching Tips and Ideas for Early Childhood Educators.”

10 Best Blogs for Special Education Teachers

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