10 Best and Worst Nationalities of Women According to Microsoft Bing?

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The topic of the best and worst nationalities of women according to Microsoft Bing may sound strange, but we promise you one thing – you won’t regret reading about it. Are you in?

The nationality of a woman can influence its characteristics, and according to them, everybody else in the world can guess, or at least assume where she comes from. The same goes for men. It is so-called stereotyping. Even though that word has a negative meaning, it doesn’t have to be always the case. From the other point of view, that is how we can recognize different social groups from a subjective perspective which is called positive stereotyping. So, with the help of positive stereotypes, we can assume from which part of the world somebody comes according to their behavior, looks or even attitudes from what we experienced. If we can do that, can we decide which are the best and worst lovers in the world by country? We can guess it, of course, using our own experience again, or by simple assumptions according to some factors, such as, for example, physical look. But, we cannot know it as a fact. Or by simply asking the public. That is what the Saucy Dates did, and you can check out the results.

10 Best and Worst Nationalities of Women According To Microsoft Bing?


While we were preparing this article, we were really curious, and we simply had to search for some other related topics such as “what nationality woman makes the best wife” and “worst nationality to marry.” One of the strangest suggestions was the best female race to marry. So, we had to check it out. According to the Topix forum, the most faithful wives, as it occurred as one of the most important factors while marrying, would be Asian. In addition, best nationality girl to marry you can choose according to our following list. On the other hand, as our topic are women, we cannot be of help when it comes to the question of the best nationality man to marry. You should do that research on your own. However, what we did find out is that, according to some sources, the best nationality in bed would be American, both men and women.

In order to create our list of the best and worst nationalities of women according to Microsoft Bing, we first consulted Return of King’s article on the same topic. However, they were using Google search engine. By using the same methodology, we got the similar results. What was strange is that for example, for Brazilian women there were no remarks, even though they are counted as one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Also, Microsoft Bing had way fewer results by comparing it to Google, which in a way, we expected. As in our title, there is not just the worst but the best as well, so we counted both positive and negative remarks. We started our ranking with the most positive remarks, which means those nationalities of women are the best ones, up to the biggest number of negative remarks, which are considered to be the worst nationalities of women. With this list, you can decide on your own which are the worst nationalities to date or on the contrary which country has the best wives. If you are women interested in finding a husband, maybe this article could be of help – 10 Countries with Most Faithful Husbands. After all, we have something for everybody!

Now, let’s not wait anymore and check out the results for the best and worst nationalities of women according to Microsoft Bing.

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