Worst Jobs: A Very Disgusting Top 10

Worst jobs: curious what the “top” 10 are? If you have been complaining about your office job, the list we have compiled for you might make you appreciate the idea of working in front of the computer all day. We would like to present you with 10 of the most disgusting jobs in the world. Actually, the word “disgusting” doesn’t even begin to do them justice.

Similar to our list of the craziest jobs in the world, our top ten is made up of some pretty repulsive and hard to digest job positions. Well, someone’s got to do the dirty job, right?

No. 10: Proctologist

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

The paycheck might be impressive, but having to deal with people’s rectums all day long isn’t exactly the most pleasant of occupations. Not to mention the fact that a proctologist has to deal with people from all walks of life and with varying levels of hygiene.

No. 9: Sewage Worker

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

When it comes to foul and repugnant smells, sewages pretty much take the cake. Imagine having to deal with these odors on a daily basis? Well, a sewage worker has to do just that in order to ensure that sewages work properly and keep our cities clean.

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No. 8: Odor Judge

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Some people get to smell coffee, wine, or expensive colognes as part of their job. But an odor judge has to deal with some of the most unpleasant smells around: cat litter, feet, armpits, and breath. They usually also have to rank these disgusting smells on a scale from 1 to 10.

No. 7: Noodler

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

What on Earth is a noodler, you may ask. A noodler is basically a sort of fisherman, who instead of using a pole, uses his own arm to catch catfish. But in order to draw in the fish, they cover their arms in guts, worms, and other wastes.

No. 6: Port-a-Potty Cleaner

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

When you’re out and about and nature calls, you better hope there’s a port-a-potty somewhere near you. In order to keep these much needed facilities clean and sanitized, a port-a-potty cleaner will often go through several dozens a day. The joy!

No. 5:  Medical Waste Biohazard Cook

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

The term “cook” is often associated with working in a fancy establishment that serves meals. However, a medical waste cook’s job is a lot less glamorous. They’re in charge with gathering all kinds of medical wastes, such as semen, blood, feces, or teeth, putting them into bags, and incinerating them.

No. 4: Septic Tank Repairman

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

Unfortunately, septic tanks do malfunction from time to time and someone has to be there to repair them. Just imagine clearing all those gallons of human waste.

No. 3: Garbage Man

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

Also referred to as sanitation workers, garbage men have a pretty disgusting job on their hands. They don’t just have to gather the trash, they also have to sort it out. Leftovers, used tampons, dirty diapers, and so on.

No. 2: Crime Scene Cleaner

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

As horrific as a crime scene may be, just imagine having to clean it up. Although a highly paid position, having to deal with blood, human remains, and decomposing materials can’t be very pleasant.

No. 1: Hazmat Diver

Public Domain Image: Public Domain

Yes, you’ve read it correctly: Hazmat diver. Although covered from head to toe in a biohazard suit, divers have to go through pools of waste to retrieve items or make repairs. You can’t get more disgusting than that.