World’s Most Expensive Musical Instruments

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Have you ever wondered which are the world’s most expensive musical instruments? If you are a musician or you happen to play an instrument in your free time, you know that some pieces are more expensive than others. Naturally, quality, craftsmanship and prestige are crucial factors when it comes to the ranging price scale of musical instruments. However, each of the costliest instruments in the world has a unique story to tell.

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Are you curious about the world’s most expensive musical instruments? Let’s take a look at the countdown.

 World's Most Expensive Musical Instruments

10. Robert Bouchet Classical Guitar

Auctioned off in 2009, this is the most expensive guitar by Robert Bouchet ever sold so far. Every guitar made by this French guitar maker is very special and rare, especially because he only manufactured a limited amount during his life. But what makes this 1964 item so special is that it has Bouchet’s Paris address and his signature on it, as well as the date in which it was built. This one-of-a-kind instrument was purchased for $122,500.

9. Antonio de Torres Jurado Classical Guitar

Antonio de Torres was a well-known Spanish guitarist and luthier back in the nineteenth century. His creations were so exceptional and superior that his guitars are kind of legendary. Hence, it is not shocking that one of his guitars was sold in auction at Christie’s for $157,000. That guitar in particular, which was auctioned in 2007, dates back to 1864.

8. Giovanni Batista Ceruti Violin

The handcrafted violins by Giovanni Batista Ceruti are some of the most famous in the world. The work of this amazing luthier is related to the eighteenth century tradition of the master violin makers of Cremona, Italy. The most expensive of his creations was auctioned off in 2009 for the staggering price of $158,500.

7. Pieter Rombouts Viola da Gamba

This costly instrument was auctioned off in 2009 at Christie’s for $212,500. Made by Pieter Rombouts, an Amsterdam luthier who crafted violas, viols, violins, cellos and pochettes, this antique viola da gamba is an original item from the early eighteenth century.

6. Carlo Giuseppe Testore Violin

As you have probably realized, ancient instruments made by famous luthiers are coveted and valuable items, and this 1701 violin is no exception. Crafted by the well-known creator of musical instruments Carlo Giuseppe Testore, the Milan made violin was sold for $218,500.

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