What is Mardi Gras About? The 7 Best Things To Celebrate

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Ever wonder just what is Mardi Gras about? Mardi Gras, literally meaning “Fat Tuesday,” is a celebration that originated in France, but it has nowadays made its way to several countries across the globe, including the US. Although it is not a nationally observed holiday in the States, various cities, most notably New Orleans, have a long tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras.

Curious to know the most popular traditions associated with this celebration? We have compiled a list of the top 7 Mardi Gras traditions.

No. 7: The Krewes

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Krewe is the name given to the organizations that create the balls and floats that participate in the Mardi Gras parade. Basically, it is a type of secret society made up a few members and a captain. On the day of the parade, they wear masks and display their floats on the streets of New Orleans. Nowadays, there are few dozen Krewes in New Orleans, the most popular being Zulu and Rex. These are no match for these New World Order facts, though.

No. 6: Purple, Green, and Gold

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Each of the three colors prominently used in the festival has a hidden meaning. Purple signifies justice, green stands for faith, while gold for power. Initially, these three colors were the official brand of Rex, one of the original New Orleans Krewes.

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