What Is a Phobia? See The 10 Most Feared

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What is a phobia? A phobia represents the irrational and persistent fear a person holds against a particular thing, living creature, or situation. Numerous people are afflicted by phobias and some of the most common such disorders include the fear of spiders or of heights.

However, there are other frequent phobias you should know about and we have compiled a list of the ten most common.

Such phobias usually develop during childhood years and are sometimes treatable or manageable through the use of various therapies. However, even though it is not necessarily a severe medical disorder, a phobia can significantly decrease the quality of life of the person living with it.

Let’s take a look at the countdown.

No. 10: Necrophobia

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Necrophobia is the fear of death in general and of any dead things. Usually, people will fear their own death the most, although corpses and mummies can also generate panic attacks (see top places to visit before you die!)

No. 9: Brontophobia

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Brontophobia represents the fear of thunderstorms and it is very common for small children, although adults can be affected by it as well. People with the disorder will often experience panic attacks during a thunderstorm.

That still doesn’t answer just what a phobia is..at least completely. Continue reading for the rest of the top 10:

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