What Has These Insiders Selling Stock Amid Market Turbulence?

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It appears that most investors and insider trading watchers are ignoring the massive insider selling activity of the past few months, and they do provide a strong reason for doing so. Simply put, there are numerous reasons an insider could sell shares, so it is close to impossible to stipulate what exactly propelled that insider’s sale. Nevertheless, the heavy insider selling activity suggests that there may be more to the selling than just the randomness of insiders cashing out for personal reasons, and may hint at general bearishness towards the markets. Corporate insiders are financially-educated people, so the timing of their trades can offer useful insights on how they feel about their companies’ stock and the broader market. With that in mind, this article will discuss the insider selling activity registered at three companies in the last week and the recent performance of the companies in question.

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CBRE Group Inc. (NYSE:CBG) witnessed a sizable insider sale earlier this week. Calvin W. Frese Jr., Chief Executive Officer-Americas at CBRE Group, reported selling 25,000 shares on Tuesday for $37.50 each, trimming his stake to 280,042 shares. The performance of the commercial real estate services and investment firm is strongly correlated with economic growth and health of the labor market, along with the sentiment of businesses and investors. The commercial real estate markets have been on a steady recovery path over the past several years, which seems to be reflected in the company’s stock performance. CBRE Group Inc. (NYSE:CBG)’s stock has advanced by 45% over the past two years and by 78% over the past five-year period. However, it appears that the company has a fair valuation at the moment if solely relying on its trailing price-to-earnings ratio of 21.16, which compares with the average of 23.18 for the S&P 500 Index. It might be worthwhile to point out that the company’s sales and leasing professionals are paid on a commission and bonus basis (compensation is CBRE’s largest expense), which allows the company to alleviate some of the negative effects triggered by volatile market conditions. 32 hedge fund investors monitored by the Insider Monkey team had long positions in the company at the end of the third quarter, holding 15.60% of its outstanding common stock. Jeffrey Ubben’s ValueAct Capital held its stake in CBRE Group Inc. (NYSE:CBG) unchanged during the September quarter at nearly 31.33 million shares.

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