Uncommon European Escapes

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Every year, millions of tourists make their way over to the oldest of all western continents, but apart from the usual Paris-London-Rome-Berlin tour, do you know of these uncommon European escapes? From small towns with a medieval flair, to beautiful cities in the east, and hidden Mediterranean architectural wonders, these off-route locations are definitely worth a stop on your next Euro-trip.

In a recent article we wrote about the 10 best travel cities in Europe and what gives them such mass appeal. In this case, however, we’ll be focusing on the lesser known, yet equally charming destinations. Another bonus of travelling off the beaten path is that you’ll get more of your money’s worth and the cues at noteworthy sites are much shorter, thereby adding hours of spare time to your itinerary. So, if you’re planning an adventure in the near future, take a look at these uncommon European escapes.

6. Ljubljana, Slovenia

That Europe is full of beautiful cities is no news at all, but I bet you never considered Slovenia’s capital to be a part of this package. Nevertheless, Ljubljana is truly worth a visit, as you’ll find an appealing cultural mix of German, Slovenian, and Mediterranean elements. Apart from its stunning architecture, you’ll find a medieval castle nestled on the city’s outskirts, and the Triglav National Park just a few hours away. If you’re a wine-tasting fan, then get your kicks in the Podravje region, which is famous for its vineyards.

5. Maastricht, Netherlands

When you say the Netherlands to a tourist, their most common association with the country will likely be Amsterdam. And while this is perfectly valid, given the cities many attractions, there are also other locations worth your time. One of the most underestimated cities in the Netherlands in Maastricht. But don’t be fooled, this majestic (university) city does an outstanding job at blending both young and old cultural values: the cathedral, town hall, and underground tunnel network give it a sense of mystery, while the bars and restaurants add spark to the historic architecture.

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