The Top 10 Hedge Funds: Can You Guess Who They Are?

The top hedge funds: there are many reasons why you may be seeking information related to the best performing money managers. Maybe you want to find a job in this field. Or maybe you are looking to mimic the success of a particular fund.

top hedge fundsRegardless of why you are seeking this information, it is important to realize one thing: like anything in the world of investing, the funds that are performing the best today may not perform the best tomorrow.

With all this in mind, it is more important than ever before to closely track the top hedge funds on a regular basis. Not only do we provide information on the best performing hedge funds, but we do the same for those that are not living up to expectations. You can learn more about these funds here, and remember to brush up on hedge fund research skills if need be.

Equity returns

Below are the 10 top hedge funds by equity returns, as well as some basic information pertaining to each one. It’s important to realize that total value reported is the value of that particular hedge fund’s 13F portfolio, and rankings are determined by equity portfolio returns only:

1. Fortress Investment Group. Total value: $2,097,006,000

2. Sprott Asset Management. Total value: $294,671,000

3. Dafna Capital Management. Total value: $16,416,000

4. Artis Capital Management. Total value: $144,489,000

5. Palo Alto Investors. Total value: $414,658,000

6. Raptor Capital Management. Total value: $65,560,000

7. Newland Capital. Total value: $55,955,000

8. Bristol Investment Partners. Total value: $83,033,000

9. Sun Valley Gold. Total value: $267,204,000

10. Altai Capital. Total value: $94,205,000

As you can imagine, these details vary from one hedge fund to the next. Like most investors, however, the one detail you will pay the most attention to is the monthly return. You want to know which funds are performing at the highest level.

Aggregate returns in 2012

Moreover, SEC law does not require hedge funds to report total portfolio return, but some do at the end of each year anyway. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best performing hedge funds on an aggregate scale, for the returns we have been able to obtain. These figures not only include equity returns, but also those achieved from other positions, like commodities, short trades, currency bets, bonds, and more.

1. Aaron Yeary – Pine River: Pine River Fixed Income Fund: +32.74% through December 7, 2012. Pine River Liquid Mortgage Fund: +26.04% through December 7, 2012.

2. Crispin Odey’s Odey Asset Management: +26.63% through November 30, 2012.

3. Ken Griffin – Citadel: Wellington multi-strategy fund +25.5% through December 31, 2012.

4. David Tepper – Appaloosa Management: +25% (after fees) through Dec. 17th, 2012.

5. Ricky Sandler –  Eminence Capital: +23.19% through December 7, 2012.

6. Dan Loeb – Third Point: +21% through December 31, 2012. Ultra fund +34%.

7. Fortress: Fortress Macro Fund +17.8% through December 31, 2012. Fortress Asia Macro Fund +21.2% and Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund +16.5% through December 31, 2012.

8. Lee Ainslie – Maverick Capital: +16.70% through December 7, 2012.

9. Edward Mule – Silver Point Capital: +14.72% through November 30, 2012.

10. Steve Heinz – Lansdowne Developed Market Fund: +14.55% through December 7, 2012.

By tracking the top hedge funds, as well as those that are underperforming, you can learn a lot about this industry while also gaining insight into how you should be investing your money.