Top 7 Places to Visit in French Guiana Before You Die

Bordering Suriname and Brazil, French Guiana (or more correctly, Guiana) is an overseas department and region of France; and just like  in France, there are best places to visit in French Guiana before you die. It is located on the northern South American coast, and thus has beautiful beaches – one of which is a turtle conservation site. Interestingly, it is part of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency. The economy comes from the Guiana Space Centre, the European Space Agency’s near-equator launch site.

French Guiana is incredibly biodiverse, with everything from tropical rainforests to savannah plains. If natural beauty is your thing, then you won’t be short of places to visit in French Guiana that are safe and beautiful. There are vast, wondrous forests, beautiful beaches, and many small and charming towns to investigate. The cities offer all the usual, from museums and cultural heritage to bustling nightlife and carnivals. You can even camp in some of the jungle, if you speak to the right tour-guides.

Arthur R./

Arthur R./

A region of France, French Guiana is governed by the French President and Prime Minister and sends two senators to the French Senate (it is also one of the largest European Union territories outside of Europe). As such, French Guiana is exceptionally politically stable and should be completely safe to visit. The climate is subtropical, offering beautiful weather all year around, but it is always wise to check local weather reports to make sure the weather is not due to be turbulent during your visit. You should also check local news before you travel, to make sure there are no potential upsets during your visit. And, as always, follow the instructions of local police, emergency services, and tour-guides (if you’re venturing into the jungle).

If you like jungles and rainforests, not to mention the sub-tropical temperatures, be sure to check out the best places to visit in Ecuador before you die.  Until then, get ready to fuel your wanderlust and explore the best places to visit in French Guiana before you die.


7. Roura

Roura is a commune of French Guiana, meaning it is an overseas region and department of France. It has a beautiful river running through it, and waterfalls not too far. The architecture is not to be missed either.