Top 6 Least Expensive Cruise Destinations For 2015 that Will Take You to Paradise

The least expensive cruise destinations for 2015 will take you to some stunning locales. Every year millions of people go on vacation, many of whom desire to do so via cruise. For those trying to find the right cruise, deciding the right location to travel can be tough, with over 8,000 registered cruise routes around the world. So, when ranking the least expensive cruise destinations for 2015, it’s not solely about price. While the cost is definitely the biggest factor in these rankings, location and uniqueness matter as well. There may be cruise destinations that are dirt cheap, but if they’re not safe or in a likely desirable location, then they didn’t make the list.

The thing is, the benefit of all of these options is that it makes it possible to love your cruise regardless of your budget. Obviously, if you have an unlimited amount to spend, the type of cruise and the inclusive options that it offers may be the most important factor in your enjoyment of the cruise. So, we’ll look at things such as the culture and scenery of these cruises as well. We recently used similar criteria in ranking the top 6 least expensive tourist destinations in 2014, and now we will apply them to the water if a cruise is your vacation type of choice in the upcoming year.

Now, let’s take will rank the least expensive cruise destinations for 2015:

6. Mediterranean 


Cheapest Cruise Destinations For 2015

As it is such a frequented cruise destination, the Mediterranean can be very expensive. However, there are plenty of cheap options that focus on seeing different cities instead of the more luxurious ones. There are routes running between cities such as Barcelona, Rome, and Athens among other famous cities. There are cruises here that run as cheaply as $90 per night, and allow you to experience the picturesque atmosphere that the Mediterranean provides as well as the ability to see a wide range of cities without breaking your budget.

5. Panama Canal


Cheapest Cruise Destinations For 2015

Taking a cruise that goes through the Panama Canal can be ideal for a number of reasons. First off, most of them run between California and Florida, guaranteeing you a large amount of sights to see on your trip. Moreover, the cruises that run this route specialize in off-shore activities and making sure that what you do in the places you visit is emphasized over the more expensive on-boat amenities offered by many cruises. Finally, with prices starting at $80 per night, cruises traveling on this route are affordable and provide you with a lot of bang for your buck. These factors make paths through the Panama Canal one of the least expensive cruise destinations for 2015.