Top 6 Ivy League Colleges for Journalism

Get a lot of choices for education by checking these top 6 Ivy League colleges for journalism. Like many courses and career paths, journalism has seen its share of innovations and evolution. To keep up with the digital age a lot of journalism professionals are now using different platforms to extend their repertoire. One of the biggest changes for journalism is a transition of popularity from print media to online media. You’ll find that a lot of online news sites have been appearing and even popular publications and newspaper companies have come to accept and utilize the ever growing popularity of the internet.

Top 6 Ivy League Colleges for Journalism


When talking about the Ivy League we often think about some of the most prestigious (and expensive) colleges and universities in America. The origin of the Ivy League was actually created in order to have an athletic conference involving these private institutions. Interestingly, a lot of people seem to be referring to top tier schools as “Ivy League”. In order to stay true to what institutions are included in this league, we only take into account the 8 colleges that were originally a part of it. If you’re looking at how much these schools cost then be sure also to check out our list of 7 Most Affordable Ivy League Schools in the US.

We ranked this list based on how much tuition costs in a school year. This is mainly because we often tend to look at the price first before considering any of these institutions. It’s good to note that a lot of these Ivy League schools don’t actually offer undergraduate courses pertaining to journalism but they have courses similar to or a pre-requisite for those types of careers. Keep in mind though that these schools are definitely considered among the best and you probably won’t have any complaints with any of these schools in terms of quality education. Let’s find out more about these top 6 Ivy League colleges for journalism.

6. University of Pennsylvania

Average Tuition per School Year: $49,000

University of Pennsylvania is one of two other Ivy League colleges that offer communication as a major. While it isn’t specifically journalism a lot of journalists actually start their career being graduates of this major. You can also opt to go as an English major and specifically focus on Journalism courses and literature.

Top 6 Ivy League Colleges for Journalism

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