Top 5 Tallest Completed Buildings in the World

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Below you can see the compilation of the top 5 tallest completed buildings in the world. For our methodology and more arresting information we recommend you to check this article.

5. Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Height: 554.5 m / 1,819 ft

Floors: 123

Year of completion: 2017

Material: composite

Use: hotel / residential / office / retail

In spite of being supertall and hyper-modern, Lotte World Tower reflects the traditional Korean art forms, as well. The tower possesses more functions, than a general high-rise building does, as it’s supplied with an officetel, a 7-star luxury hotel, retail spaces, and offices. Officetel is a common thing in Korea, it offers studio-apartment-style accommodations (with furnishing, gym access and a security desk) for people, who work in the building. The top 10 floors are opened for public entertainment, such as a rooftop café.

Pixabay/Public domain

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