Top 5 Reasons Why Print Media is a Dying Industry

Looking for reasons why print media is a dying industry? Well, we’ll try to come up with a few possible reasons, although you should be aware of the fact that there is still a big debate going on whether this is actually true. There are people who still believe that print media will never completely die, but one thing is for sure – it is definitely an industry that registers major dropouts throughout the years. So, we’ll try to figure out why this is happening.

Are you interested in this topic because you prefer print media? Or, maybe, you are from Internet-raised generation and wondering why all this fuss about print media dying? Thinking – why would anyone go to a newsstand to buy a newspaper, when they can check everything with only one click? We hope you’ll find this article interesting whatever the curiosity has made you open it. And we have an answer to the previous question – there are people for whom reading an actual newspaper is just a part of their ritual. They have been doing that all their lives, they have the urge to hold the magazine; it’s a tradition. And, it makes their life goes just a bit slower. The problem with the digital media, is that it makes your life go much faster, you just click to see the news, read something, scroll down, then some other related topic catches your attention, you go there, and then you realize you’ve spent and hour or two, reading something you don’t even remember. Yes, you read that right, scientific researches have proven that reading on your computer and reading an actual book or magazine are not the same experiences. Reading an actual book has been proven to have much more positive effects, including the better memory of what was read.

Top 5 Reasons Why Print Media is a Dying Industry


I guess, almost all the reasons explaining why print media is a dying industry can be summed up into – because of easiness and convenience digital media are offering. People from all corners of the world have been seeking the ways to make their life easier, to avoid doing something, or make it simpler, faster, skip a few steps and so on. Usually, we don’t tend to do what is better for us, but what is easier. And with digital media, everything has become easier, both for the readers and publishers.

Those who agree about all the benefits of traditional reading, and who support saving the print media industry, will be happy to read about the best selling magazines in the United States. Finally, we would like to get back to our main topic and take a brief look at the more detailed top 5 reasons why print media is a dying industry. Let’s take a look at our countdown to see what explanations we have come up with.