Top 5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask in a Job Interview

What types of questions you shouldn’t ask in a job interview? There’s virtually not one person in the world who hasn’t had to go through a job interview at one point or another. But while they might not exactly be the most pleasurable experiences in life, sometimes there really is no way around them. While it is customary for the employer to do most of the talking, there will be one point in the interview where you will be asked to make inquires, if you have any. Since absolute silence isn’t exactly the best of options, you will have to muster a few words to ask your potential future employer.

In an earlier article we covered 6 questions employers aren’t allowed to ask in a job interview. Asking the right questions will signal to your potential employer that you are the right candidate for the job. You should also ask questions to determine whether this is the type of job you’d like to do day in and day out.


Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 5 questions you shouldn’t be asking in a job interview. If you have an upcoming interview, then this is the list for you. Read below to see which questions you shouldn’t be asking, so as to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Let’s take a look at the countdown.

No. 5: Don’t ask about any rumors or gossip you might have heard

There are times when you might have heard rumors about the company you’re interviewing for or about one of the people already working there, but asking about them during a job interview is wildly inappropriate. Gossip is never suitable for a work environment, let alone when you’re at a job interview.

No. 4: Don’t inquire about promotions

You might be tempted to ask what your chances of promotion are if you do get the job. Nothing wrong with this question at a first glance, right? But the issue is that you haven’t even landed the job you’re interviewing for and you’re already showing that you might not be really satisfied with what you are being offered. If you are awarded the job, there will be plenty of opportunities to inquire about promotions so refrain from doing this during the job interview.

No. 3: Don’t ask questions that can show you haven’t done your homework

Before going to a job interview, you should make the effort to learn a few more things about the company. But even if you haven’t done this, you shouldn’t ask any questions that will clearly show you know nothing about the company. Don’t ask what they do or how long they’ve been in the business.

No. 2: Don’t get too personal

While it is perfectly okay to ask your interviewer whether he likes the time spent with the company and other such things, make sure your questions don’t get too personal. Don’t ask about their family, or kids, how they spend their free time or anything like that. You’re there to get a job, not to make a new friend.

No. 1: Don’t ask if you’re allowed to change your schedule or job details

Since you haven’t even gotten the job yet, asking to change your work hours or job responsibilities is highly inappropriate. After all, you’re applying for a specific position and you should be able to handle their requirements. You might be entitled to ask for a few changes later on, but never make the mistake of asking this during a job interview.