Top 5 Ivy League Colleges for Pre-Med

Prepare your path towards medicine with the help of these top 5 Ivy League colleges for pre-med. If one aspires to have a medical career in the future, one should prepare in advance and accept that the road towards it may be a long one. Comparing to other programs, a goal towards a medical profession may prove to be highly expensive. This is because it takes more time, skills and knowledge in order for students to be prepared for the complexities of medical school. That being said, there is no strict requirement for getting into medicine, just having finished an undergraduate degree with the right courses would be enough to qualify you for a Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). It is of course highly advantageous to take fields in science related to medicine as a starter.

Top 5 Ivy League Colleges for Pre-Med


Ivy League colleges are highly praised for their high admission rates into medical schools. Some of them even offer medical programs themselves. A lot of people consider Ivy League colleges because of their prestige and because these schools have programs that prepare students well on their chosen career path. The only issue that most people have is the cost of these schools. If ever that’s one of your concerns then you should check out our list of 7 Most Affordable Ivy League Schools in the US. Most people will say that the quality of education and facilities you have on these schools are well worth the price of admission. These colleges often offer loans as well so that one can enroll and settle the costs later.

Though many people will have different opinions on ranking this list, these schools will be ranked based on tuition fees as that is the main concern of most going into colleges and universities. You may find that in general, all Ivy League schools offer great courses and good undergraduate and graduate education to set you on your path towards medicine. Let’s find out more about these top 5 Ivy League colleges for pre-med:

5. Stanford University

Annual Tuition Fees: $58,000

Stanford does not have a major that is specifically pre-med. One has to be aware of the requirements for medical schools one aspires to go to and plan his/her pre-med education accordingly. The good thing though is that Stanford has a lot of pre-med advisers that can help students carefully plan out their path while in the university. There’s also an association for pre-med students that gives regular updates and information.

Top 5 Ivy League Colleges for Pre-Med

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