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Top 35 Funniest, Most Popular and Inspiring Best TED Talks of All Time

If you want to be both amused and moved while sitting and waiting for the heavy autumn rainfalls to stop, then check out our list of the top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time. These videos will definitely make your foggy and cloudy October afternoons more entertaining and interesting. Have a warm cup of tea and enjoy the talks!

For those unfamiliar, TED, an abbreviation that stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, functions as a media community that welcomes the eminent professionals from different aspects of life including science, culture, technology, and business. Globally famous TED conferences and talks, projects, and lessons tend to inspire, spread and share ideas through the world. Concerning the rules of participating in popular talks, it is worth mentioning the duration of videos for public share. The talks mustn’t exceed 18 minutes in length. But why 18 minutes? Well, the scientists claim that between 10 and 18 minutes the auditorium can keep an attention and be completely involved in before they went off. Furthermore, the up-to-18-minutes period makes neurons in our brains work faster and more effective in the shortest amount of time. If your coffee break is not that long, you can always opt for some of the best short TED talks in 3 minutes or maybe a bit longer TED talks that are under 6 minutes. Whichever you choose, you will be a part of “ideas worth spreading’ team!”

top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time

Matej Kastelic/

Even though TED topics were originally emphasized on technology and design only, today they cover culture, business, and education. TED talks are not just for the grownups but the kids as well. The very best TED Talks for kids and your entire family can be found via TED’s playlist of videos that are held by professional psychologists and educators. Speaking of best, we also dealt with this subject three years ago when we compiled a list of the 20 best TED Talks of all-time. Instead of staring at tablet and smartphone screens, make your loved ones hear and adopt some genius pieces of advice.

While researching for the funniest TED talks, we have discovered many different perspectives of what funny means. It is highly individual, whether something is funny or not. We came across many different choices of the funniest TED talks. The same goes for the most inspiring TED talks. What inspires us currently doesn’t necessarily mean it will motivate us tomorrow. Everything depends on the life situations.

To make a unique list of the top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time, we combined the lists of the funniest talks with a list of those most inspiring and ranked them upon their popularity. We assumed that popularity can be measured by the number of views each video has. So, we summed the number of views obtained from both official TED website and YouTube and ranked videos/talks according to the result. Many videos we are going to mention in our list can be found on the playlists of the best TED talks 2015 and top TED talks 2016.

Now, scroll down and choose one of the most popular TED talks to bring you entertainment, make you laugh or get you inspired!

35. Teach girls bravery, not perfection

Reshma Saujani

Total views: 3,685,797

Filmed: February 2016 

As an education activist, brave Reshma Saujani initiates young women to be involved in the streaming technology of modern society. The boys are not the only one who needs to be encouraged; the girls should also be taught the same skills and how to confront the imperfections, claims Reshma.

34. Success is a continuous journey

Richard St. John

Total views: 3,863,470

Filmed: February 2009

Even though Richard St. Jones uses work to measure the levels of success, in this talk and according to his book, this can also be applied to every area of our lives. Whether love, family, health or school, Richard’s main message is to mix love with everything and there comes the success.

33. Letting go of God

Julia Sweeney

Total views: 3,888,650

Filmed: February 2006

We are continuing our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time with the talk that is hashtagged as funny, and Julia who approached this topic as a stand-up comedian rather than dealing seriously with the question of God’s existing. Despite our beliefs and belonging to the certain religion, we should never stop asking questions and wonder. Julia’s talk is funny and humorous, and she definitely has a gut to talk freely! Bravo!

32. The mystery box

J. J. Abrams

Total views: 4,199,812

Filmed: March 2007

As a famous director, Abrams illuminated a unique intuitive perspective that should be accepted as soon as possible. This talk is a kind of talks that makes you stand up immediately and actually do something! It’s all about enigma to be solved because, as the writer reveals,”Sometimes mystery is more important than knowledge!”

31. What it takes to be a great leader

Roselinde Torres

Total views: 4,249,132

Filmed: October 2013

If you are interested in becoming a leader or you need to improve your leadership skills, this talk of a leading expert in this field such as Roselinde is definitely a must-hear for you.”The solution may be right in front of you,” said Roselinde while continuing to deal with studying the characteristics of a great leader. No wonder, it’s on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time.

30. How to make work-life balance work

Nigel Marsh

Total views: 4,264,827

Filmed: May 2010

The author of “Fat, Forty and Fired” Nigel Marsh, is presenting the truth the way it is. No lie. No make-up. Life is not a destination; it is living in the moment and sharing it. The way he tells his personal story is more than inspiring.

29. Are you a giver or a taker?

Adam Grant

Total views: 4,358,837

Filmed: November 2016

The amazing number of views and powerful presentation of business roles placed Adam Grant and his inspiring talk on our list of the top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time. A giver or a taker that is the question! Well, according to this psychologist, you definitely have to tend to be a taker if you want to survive these days.

28. What I learned from 100 days of rejection

Jia Jiang

Total views: 4,697,449

Filmed: May 2015

Impressive and profoundly honest, Jia Jing in his talk challenges the power of rejection defining it as “embracing vulnerability.” The fear of rejection is what we fear actually, not the rejection, as this famous author, blogger and entrepreneur claims.

27. Are you human?

Ze Frank

Total views: 4,855,981

Filmed: March 2014

Just in case you wondered whether you are a human or maybe not, Ze Frank has an answer for you. In fact, he has the right questions for you. It’s charming and humorous. Simple questions yet profound will tickle your curiosity. An artful and inspiring message!

26. What we didn’t know about penis autonomy

Diane Kelly

Total views: 5,000,743

Filmed: April 2012

Definitely a useful one, on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time! Listening to Diane’s talks, you are getting the whole different perspective! Interesting and enthusiastic, the talk will open up your horizons and views. It is educational as well, and a bunch of new terms that describe penis anatomy will enrich your vocabulary. And imagination, of course!

25. Keep your goals to yourself

Derek Sivers

Total views: 5,447,709

Filmed: July 2010

This is a life-changing TED talk listed among our list of TED talks you have to listen. The advice he gives on how to behave when having a master business or private life plan is based on silence primarily. Meaning, if you have a good idea, do not run to your closest friend even though you are dying to tell, but keep it to yourself if you want your plans to be achieved one day.

24. Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality

Brian Little

Total views: 5,773,410

Filmed: February 2016

Halfway through our list of the top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time, we have an eminent personality researcher who is in fact, asking you about yourself. It may sound weird, but the question is real and possible to answer. Inspirational and intriguing talk! Worth listening!

23. What makes us feel good about our work

Dan Ariely

Total views: 5,845,569

Filmed: October 2012

Dan Ariely states that money is not the only motivation for work. Surprised? Well, we were too. He definitely managed to make us think about it after watching his talk full of compelling experiments and captivating examples. An informative and inspiring video that should teach us how to motivate and be motivated in our works.

22. Close-up card magic with a twist

Lennart Green

Total views: 5,934,151

Filmed: February 2005

Do you want to be impressed? You are on the right track. This talk is a combo of magic, jokes, surprises, and tricks. Introducing the public with the patterns he is using is simply mind-blowing. Lennart Green can hold the crowd’s attention all by himself! An excellent magician!

21. What you don’t know about marriage

Jenna McCarthy

 Total views: 6,102,299

Filmed: November 2011

Marriage! That’s a hell of a mystery! Jenna tends to solve these marriage mysteries by analyzing the relationships in a humorous way! Even though it isn’t marked with many thumbs up, these ridiculous but very honest issues are pointed out by Jenna. Listen to this hilarious talk that ranked 21st on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time and comment it!

20. The game that can give you 10 extra years of life

Jane McGonigal

Total views: 6,984,572

Filmed: June 2012

As a game developer and designer, Jane advocates playing games in order to change a real-life problems and promote a positive attitude towards it. In her difficult moments of life, when she was on the edge of suicide, it crossed her mind to create a game that eventually helped her. SuperBetter, as she named it, will make you a survivor and a warrior, claims Jane.

19. Did you hear the one about the Iranian-American?

Maz Jobrani

Total views: 7,137,923

Filmed: July 2010

Maz Jobrani is a real example of what people should focus on. Building international bridges and connecting people through similarities and laughter are his primary goals. He is breaking stereotypes and paints an entirely different picture of the Middle East that we know only through the media. Make fun and make love! The only sure paths to the world peace!

18. I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left

Megan Phelps-Roper

Total views: 7,327,953

Filmed: February 2017

Despite growing up in an extremely religious environment, Megan succeeded to become a voice of tolerance. If you are interested to hear the way she passed through in her life, to hear about her transformation and leaving behind all her memories from childhood, listen to Megan’s talk. It will definitely amaze you.

17. Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed

Roman Mars

Total views:  7,657,468

Filmed: March 2015

The way Roman Mars passionately talks about the flags and its symbols will absolutely make you want to investigate and be obsessive about it as him. He is funny and witty and has warm and likable personality. A great transferring of passion! Now, let’s see what’s next on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time.

16. Nerdcore comedy

Ze Frank

Total views: 7,956,918

Filmed: February 2004

Nerds rule! Yeah! The appealing personality of Ze Frank will explain the number of views and his popularity. The combo of a smart, hilarious and twisted talk is a model of his original and innovative approach. We dare you to write him a letter! Let us know his brilliant comments! Enjoy!

15. The surprising habits of original thinkers

Adam Grant

Total views: 8,957,523

Filmed: February 2016

While we are approaching the top of our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time, the inspiration and motivation level is rising with every talk that follows. There is a lot of wise quotes you can use in your life. Adam Grant describes some habits that the original thinkers have. With no work, there’s no failure. With no failure, there’s no success.

14. Every kid needs a champion

Rita Pierson

Total views: 9,866,893

Filmed: May 2013

Indeed it is true, that love is what you need if you want to be a successful teacher, trainer, and educator. Being a teacher for 40 years, Rita Pierson wants to share her experience of teaching and working with kids. Heart-warmed as she is, she tended to connect with the children to get good feedback. Only loved kids will produce love, claims Rita.

13. Can you really tell if a kid is lying

Kang Lee

Total views: 10,643,952

Filmed: February 2016

Talking about the future can sound a little bit scary, especially when Kang Lee is mentioning the invention of the machines that would discover whether someone is lying or not from a single blood drop. The opening he made with the children, resulted in some kind of Orwell’s “1984” at the end. It is interesting and fascinatingly strange. It makes you wonder about the science in the future!

12. The agony of trying to unsubscribe

James Veitch

Total views: 11,408,228

Filmed: June 2016

A comedian and a writer, James Veitch put some daily technological issues on the table humorously and entertainingly. He is offering a sharp and genius solution how to get rid of the constant, annoying and frustrating emails. A fantastic talk that ranked 12th on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time will make you laugh all 7:40 minutes.

11. A simple way to break a bad habit

Judson Brewer

Total views:  12,276,370

Filmed: November 2015

Every bad habit can be broken, discovers Judson Brewer, offering a couple of possible ways to do so. During his training, he is mixing modern with eastern psychology using meditation as a tool for breaking bad habits. Changing a harmful habit of one individual leads to changing the whole world. Thank you, Judson!

10. I got 99 problems… palsy is just one

Maysoon Zayid

Total views: 13,310,016

Filmed: December 2013

Maysoon Zayid tells a touching and inspiring story of her life where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry at moments. With a positive outlook on life, Maysoon supports and motivate others, with or without any illnesses, to fight back to difficulties in a courageous, intelligent and funny way. She is truly exceptional!

9. A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar…

Maz Jobrani

Total views:  14,188,591

Filmed: April 2012

Another video talk by Maz Jobrani on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time is a proof of his uniqueness and geniality. The comedian who knows to lift the audience’s spirit and make them laugh ’till they cry. In fact, he is trying to break the stereotypes about his religion, ethnicity, and tradition.

8. Beats that defy boxes

Reggie Watts

Total views:  16,152,846

Filmed: February 2012

Categorizing is one bad system we often employ in our lives, and Reggie Watts promptly talks about it. It is not a simple playing with the music; he is acting a self-ego when he uses a mirror to explain himself. The message is to understand more and try to judge less. A little bit less. It will make our society better.

7. The happy secret to better work

Shawn Achor

Total views:  18,264,309

Filmed: May 2011

The next on the list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time is the talk that you will re-watch and re-watch and re-watch because of its inspiring essence. What you need if you want to be productive is actually to be happy, according to Shawn Anchor. The level of happiness draws the level of your success. Simply bookmark it immediately. You’ll need this to remind you of the happiness inside of you.

6. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Tim Urban

Total views:  23,906,809

Filmed: February 2016

With the incredible number of views, Tim Urban ranked 6th on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time. The awesome and entertaining approach he used to appoint the characteristics of a common procrastinator makes you wonder about your free time. Well, hurry up! The clock is ticking!

5. The puzzle of motivation

Dan Pink

Total views: 25,235,140

Filmed: July 2009

Famous Dan Pink uses TED talk to present a possible model for futuristic educational patterns by connecting business and education. He has given a sharp definition of what a successful worker should look like. If you want to be innovative and productive, according to Dan Pink, then you should constantly improve professionally and be self-respected and appreciated. Not to mention that you have to believe in yourself. These are the keys to success!

4. 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm

Mary Roach

Total views: 28,860,105

Filmed: February 2009

Mary Roach gave an extraordinarily bold performance of scientific research and thus earned the fourth place on our list with the unbelievable number of views. Even though it’s a kind of a taboo, this writer succeeded in presenting facts in an informative and provocative way rather than being distasteful. Let’s see what’s next on our list of top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time.

3. Why we do what we do

Tony Robbins

Total views:  31,955,874

Filmed: February 2006

One talk more to inspire and spark your life! His influential and charismatic personality bespeaks for the message he is trying to send. The emotions are the drives of life, and everyone has to discover their invisible force inside of themselves, said Robbins.

2. This is what happens when you reply to spam email

James Veitch

Total views:  37,374,625

Filmed: December 2015

James Veitch won a bronze medal on our list of the most viewed TED talks with his inspiring talk about what happens when you reply to spam. This might be the funniest TED talk if you enjoy British humor. Just a great way to start your day!

1. Do schools kill creativity?

Ken Robinson

Total views: 60,789,591

Filmed: February 2006

The very first place in our list of the top 35 funniest, most popular and inspiring best TED talks of all time took Ken Robinson with his challenging talk about educational systems and the place of students in it. This talk could be a starting point in fundamental changes we need to create for our children. Enjoy the list and do not hesitate to comment!