Top 16 Best German Soccer Players of All Time

If you are eager to find out which the top best German soccer players of all time are, instead of going through the best current German soccer players, you came to the right place.

In Germany, as in many places around the globe, soccer is among the (if not THE) most popular sports. That can be seen in figures: German Football Association (DFB – Deutscher Fussball-Bund) has around 6.5 million members! This number includes around 25,000 clubs and around 170,000 teams nationwide. That makes it among the world’s largest football associations. And of course, we should mention Bundesliga, a league comprising of 18 teams, being one of the most important  German competitions, and one of the most popular worldwide as well.

Top 16 Best German Soccer Players of All Time

Paolo Bona /

German national team has won four Fifa World Cups, and three UEFA European Championships with some of the best German soccer players of all time scoring on them, as you will see later on our list.

So, where to start in the search for the best German soccer players of all time? Surely not everyone would have the same opinion, and much discussion can be put on this matter where a lot of personal preferences would outweigh. But we have tried to stay as objective as we could. So we have sought for opinions on many sport and soccer oriented places such as One Football, HITC, Sporty Ghosts and Sports Mole where we have found many names concerning the best German soccer players right now, and of all time as well. We have also found some of the players going through the best soccer players of all time in general, as listed on Quora or Paste Magazine. And of course, we have found them among the top 100 soccer players of all time on Topend Sports.

Here we are talking about German soccer only (as you might have noticed obviously), but since you are here, that means you are probably a soccer fan, so you can also check out which the best players are in the other parts of the world, in countries that have also given some of the best soccer players of all time: Top 15 Best Argentine Soccer Players of All Time and Top 20 Best Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time.

But let’s return to our German footballers now, and finally, proceed to the list of the top best German soccer players of all time. This was our choice. And would it also be your choice for the German football team of dreams as well?

16. Paul Breitner

Breitner was playing in positions of midfielder and defender. He played for Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Eintracht Braunschweig and of course for the national team. He started off as a strike but was the most successful on the position of the midfield. In 1982 he was one of the few players to score in two World Cup finals, which put them among the top players at that time. After his playing career, he was to become a national coach and actually held the position for fully 17 hours.