Top 10 Emergency Medicine Residency Programs In America

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If you are a prospective physician of emergency medicine looking to find your perfect residency program, take a look into our list of the top 10 emergency medicine residency programs in America.

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Emergency medicine is a field of work that requires a great deal of training and expertise. Practitioners must be able to exercise great steadfastness in the face of extreme pressure and uncertain circumstances. The few times I have been to an emergency room were pleasant experiences— relatively speaking— because of the professionalism and relaxed bedside manner of the doctors that attended to me. It makes a huge difference to the patient’s entire experience when their emergency room doctor has been properly trained in both the medical area of medicine, as well as the area pertaining to compassion and patient experience. A top residency program should provide both.

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In our ranking of emergency medicine residency programs, we went straight to a source that interviews doctors themselves: Doximity, a network of over half a million doctors working in America. Doximity has a wonderful resource to help students find the best residency program for their preferred specialty called the Residency Navigator, where over 52,000 physicians participate in a survey and nominate the best residency program for a given department.

In order to select the programs to appear on our list of top 10 emergency medicine residency programs in America, we noted those appearing on Doximity and cross-referenced them with those appearing on Start Class. In order to determine the order of the items in our list, we compared the rankings of the programs from both websites. The results below reflect the averaging of these rankings.

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