Top 10 Atheist YouTube Channels To Watch

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Looking for the top 10 atheist YouTube channels to watch? You came to the right place!

Atheist channels can be interesting for many people, not just for the non-religious. They can promote funny videos, scientific ones, ones discussing social issues-don’t expect all of the videos to be related to atheism per se. But don’t worry, the atheism YouTube channels on our list below are really the channels that are promoting atheism or making a mockery out of religion. My God, this sounds so funny! What I find funny about promoting atheism is that atheists are doing the same thing many religions do. They are literally advocating for their (non)beliefs. And doing that with so much passion, trying to convince people to give up their faith, working that hard to prove everyone that your standpoint is the right one and that everyone around who don’t believe in the same thing you do are stupid… there is something religious about it. You all have heard of the expression that someone “religiously follows” something? That actually stands for great devotion to something. Hence, with so much devotion coming from the atheists in these modern times, I find that those loud atheist groups are actually examples of extremely religious groups.

Now, I must have really hit a nerve! Too bad that atheists can’t say – “God will punish you for talking that way about us and mocking our religion…. I mean our belief, I mean our non-belief.”

Atheism, no god sign

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Let’s face it, atheist do BELIEVE that God and/or gods do not exist. They believe in something, in nothingness. Well, I guess that’s ok. Everyone has the right to believe in something, right? But why is there so strong a need to convince others around you to share the same faith? I address this question to religious people too, who can sometimes be almost overtly aggressive when trying to persuade someone, being on a mission to convert them.

I know that many active atheists really hate when someone calls them religious, and their belief in science a faith. But how to address them? I mean, being so certain about Darwin’s theory of evolution, for example, is just funny. People easily forget history, that our planet is not the center of the Universe and that the Sun doesn’t rotate around us, nor that the Earth is not flat like once was thought. How many scientific theories have failed the test of time? We came to the main issue why atheists can be so annoying. It is their certainty, their religiously blind faith, their arrogance, their KNOW-IT-ALL stand. Any passionate atheist is just facing a God complex. They know it all, there is no God besides them, obviously.

Let’s be honest, skepticism is logically the strongest philosophy. Why? Because it doesn’t stand for anything, it just question’s everything. There is no certainty about anything. While you can’t live your life religiously and literally questioning everything around you, a little dose of skepticism is much healthier then the blind certainty about things that we can’t possibly know anything about (afterlife, God’s existence, etc).

Enough, with the philosophical debate, I am sure that most of you will enjoy the channels listed below, no matter of what faith are you. Some of you will find them to be interesting and awesome YouTube channels to subscribe, others will think of them as funny, and maybe there are people who will find them boring, and annoying. Feel free to share with us your opinion in the comments below.

With so many atheist, skeptic and science (often discussing religion and/or atheism) YouTube channels available, how did we come up with the top 10? Well, first we took a look at some suggestions from Patheos, Godless Girl, Atheist Republic and InfoBlizzard. Then, we decided to rank them according to the number of subscribers each channel has. After all, only atheists really know what are the most interesting channels discussing their “religion”. And they don’t miss subscribing to them. If you are familiar with the atheist YouTube channels that had most subscribers last year, then you won’t find any new channels here. But the order is a slightly different. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most popular, most interesting, most attention-worthy – top 10 atheist YouTube channels to watch!

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