The World’s Top 10 Earning Authors

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World’s Top 10 Earning Authors: So it’s no news the world of “art” reports quite some interest sums. Being a painter, a writer or a musician might have implied once a bohemian lifestyle, with no more than some pennies in the pockets. But these days, contemporary societies with massive consumption, globalization and communications, have taken the chances of becoming a world-known artist to another level; and featuring your video online might just be your ticket to fame, if you hit the spot.

Yet, on the other hand, some “arts” seem to have fallen behind with the tech trends, and entertainment habits. Of course a piece of art is still something highly valuated, and a canvas can reach stunning sums, as we featured last week on our list 10 Most Expensive Works of Art of All Time. This week we are interested on other field. What has happened with books? How much can an author earn these days?

Apparently, people are still reading! Of course, the main books to reach the “best seller” category are those with a mass commercial appeal. So, if you are planning to release your new novel, check out this list of top earning authors and get a hint on how you should unfold the plot.

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No.  10 Top Earning Author: Stephen King – $20 million

American writer Stephen King, dedicated to writing suspense and science fiction books, has sold more than 350 million copies during his life. His best sold books are “Under the Dome,” and “The Shining”. Among other prices, King has received the World Horror Grandmaster Price, at the World Horror Convention 1992, the Hugo Award in 1982, for Danse Macabre, the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement, in 2004 at the World Fantasy Award Convention, and the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America in 2007. His best sold book granted him $20 million.

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