The World’s Most Famous Photographers

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Photography is an art form and the world’s most famous photographers have managed to perfect that art, becoming masters at their work. Not only do these professionals know how to handle light, contrast, colour, composition, and editing, but they also share a creative vision. From landscapes to portraits and fashion to poverty, each of the photographers on this list has a distinctive visionary style, setting them apart from the sea of talented artists.

The key ingredient to taking a good picture is said to be timing: being in the right place, at the right time, with your camera ready to go. And while every country is worth photographing, some offer better visual opportunities, as we listed our previous article – the best countries for photographers to work in. However, the people on this list have developed their work successfully in the most diverse scenarios, making them true artists. So, without further ado, here’s our selection of the world’s most famous photographers.

5. Mario Testino

One of the most recognized names in the fashion photography industry, Mario Testino went from nothing to everything in less than a decade. Born in Lima, Peru, a young and ambitious Testino moved to London in 1976 in order to enter the world of models, glamour, and fame. Although at first he sold portfolio work for barely £25, his name quickly spread. Today, he’s one of the most requested fashion photographers and has snapped Madonna’s picture for Versace, as well as Princess Diana’s Vanity Fair cover.

4. Robert Capa

Known for his work in the field of action, Endre Friedman, aka Robert Capa, is probably the most famous war photographer of the past century. Although his choice of pictures put him in harm’s way several times, given that he covered five wars in total and had a tendency to photograph from inside the trenches, he was magnificent at keeping his cool and managing the scene. Unfortunately, Capa died in 1954 at the young age of 41.

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