The Top 10 US States Invaded By Illegal Immigrants

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It’s crucial to learn about illegal immigration. Illegal immigration remains an important issue throughout the entire world, especially in the US, particularly due to its higher level of economic and social development in comparison to some of its neighboring countries. According to the latest available data from Pew Hispanic Center, the number of unauthorized immigrants in the US has reached 11.1 million people, which is less than about 12 million, the number of illegals in 2007, but is much higher than 8.4 million registered in 2000.

In order to deal with the flow of illegal immigrants, the US government is thinking about approving a new immigration reform bill. However, the bill, that will be discussed next week, has many details that need to be figured out. But one thing is certain, the document will contain a path that might allow 11 millions undocumented immigrants to obtain American citizenship.

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This part can lead to several divergences.

Latinos Post has said that Republicans are afraid that an easy legalization process will encourage more and more illegal immigrants to cross the border. Democrats, meanwhile, are supposedly concerned about the fact that the expensive process will make immigrants unwilling or unable to apply for citizenship, which makes the bill useless, in a way.

Until the immigration reform is adopted, however, and all the details of the bill are settled, the remains: what does the US do about illegal immigration?

The United States is considered the world leader on the issue of immigration, as the number of immigrants in the country represented 13% of the total US population in 2011, Pew Hispanic Center has said. The majority of illegal immigrants come into the US from Mexico (58% of the total number of illegal immigrants).

A survey of Mexican adults revealed that 19% of them would move to US without authorization, while 18% said that they would use legal ways to come to the US.

Based on the same report from the Pew Hispanic Center, we have created a list of the top 10 US states that are being heavily invaded by illegal immigrants.

The list contains the name of the state and the number of the estimated unauthorized population. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s talk about illegal immigration:

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