The Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die That Will Echo for Eternity

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We all have our personal bucket list of top things to do before you die, if not actually on paper at least in the back of our minds. However, in case you are looking for some inspiration, need some help to organize your priorities, or even get new ideas of different and exciting life experiences…we give you our list of the top 10 things to do before you die; experiences which could change your life.

Traveling is an activity that often comes up in people’s bucket lists. Whether your dream is to know Paris, India or the Galapagos Islands, getting to know the world is a natural desire for human beings. But our list of the best things to do before kicking the bucket is quite comprehensive, so if you are looking for dreamy destinations to hit you should check out The Top 10 Places to Visit Before You Die and the Top 15 Places To Visit Before You Die.

The must-do experiences we’ve chosen for our list cover culture, travel, surprise, beauty and adrenaline. What is more, despite what you might think, money is not a decisive factor to check every item in the countdown. Of course, some things might require saving up, but if you consider those absolutely necessary, then go ahead and buckle up, for nothing is unreachable, and a little discipline and saving could be all that’s standing between you and an amazing, defining experience.

Everyone has a number of things they’d like to do accomplish, see, and do in their lives, but if you need some guidance, here’s the list of top ten things to do before you die. Let’s take a look at the countdown.


10. Climb a Mountain

Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die

Maybe you think this train has long left, but are you absolutely sure? We are not proposing to climb Kilimanjaro, Everest or Mont Blanc, just any kind of mountain, of any height, climate or difficulty. The idea is to face a challenging situation that requires not only physical endurance, but mental as well. Getting to the top of a mountain is much more than an external conquest.


9.  Try an Extreme Sport

Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die

This one is for the daredevils, thrill-seekers and for the regular Joe as well. Whether it’s paragliding, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, parachuting, surfing or even parkour, you should experience at least once in your life the adrenaline rush of extreme sports. Once again, here you have lots of options, some more affordable (and less scary) than others.


8. Learn a New Language

Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die

Even polyglots would like to, once again, check this item off their bucket lists. Learning a new language, regardless if you already know one or two already, is a rewarding, interesting and boundless experience. The best thing about foreign languages is not being able to read, write or speak fluently, but to get to know a culture first hand. Of course you can make a choice from the endless possibilities the linguistic sphere has to offer: from Chinese to Klingon, from Spanish to Dothraki.

The top seven things to do before you die continues on the next page; hurry up and read them before…well, you know.

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