Top 15 Places To Visit Before You Die

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Top 15 Places To Visit Before You Die: Our world is vast and diverse, and deserves to be explored from head to toe. Both natural and man-made sites can prove to be awe-inspiring, and although most places are amazing in their own way, a few should truly not be missed.

If you have the luck and privilege of being able to travel, at least once, make sure to check out one of the places in this list; you won’t regret it. From towns and cities, to natural wonders, you will find all of these sites worthy of being added to your bucket list.

Needless to say, the places listed here are just a few of the hundreds of astonishing ones that the Earth has to offer us. You could certainly think of many other locations that could be rightfully added to this list. In fact, each of these places would deserve a list of its own. However, I tried to mix it up a bit and bring to you some of the best examples of each “thing” that our planet has to offer – similar to what I did with my 13 Best Cities to Visit in South America list. Let’s then take a look at 15 places to visit before you die.


Machu Picchu


Nr. 1. Cambodia

Although Cambodia is much more than just the Angkor Wat, this “City Temple” is the star. Watching the sunrise at this UNESCO World Heritage site is a unique experience.

Angkor Wat was built over the course of thirty years, in the 1100’s, as an after-death home for King Suryavarman II, but remained undiscovered by Westerners until France colonized Cambodia in the mid-1800’s.


Nr. 2. Myanmar (Formerly Burma)

Myanmar is a relatively “unexplored” (at least by tourism) country. Mysterious, millenary, diverse, this country is really something else. Once again, one site takes most of the attention: Bagan. This “temple city” spreads across 42 square kilometers and contains more than 2,000 temples and stupas.

Yangon, the country’s capital, is also not to be missed.

Nr. 3. French Polynesia

More than 110 islands make up the French Polynesia, so there’s a lot to see beyond Bora Bora. Any of the islands will take your breath away; crystal clear water, plenty of underwater life, astounding sunsets…. This place just leaks romance!

Some other islands you might want to check out are: Moorea, Rurutu, Maupiti, Huahine, Rangiroa, Taha’a, Nuku Hiva, Manihi and Mangareva.


Nr. 4. Turkey

Another surprising place; Turkey is eclectic, it’s old, it’s new, it’s just crazy! Startling cities, architecture and natural sites make Turkey a prime travel destination. Beyond its famed beaches and an obviously mandatory stop at Istanbul, any traveler has to check out Cappadocia, a region known for its unusual landscape. Rock formations there resemble chimneys, mushrooms and…well, male sexual organs, so to say. It might be a cliché by now, but flying in an aerostatic balloon over this site will be an experience you will never (ever) forget; or stop talking about.


Nr. 5. Egypt

Egypt? Giza Pyramids, of course. But, what else? Certainly: a cruise down the Nile River.

Other great things to see in Egypt are the Siwa Oasis (a mud fortress), Cairo (the crazy capital), and the Dahshur necropolis.

Keep reading to find out which places complete our list of the 15 places to visit before you die.

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