The Top 10 Foods to Eat Before You Die

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Which are the top 10 foods to eat before you die? Plant a tree, have a child, write a book… and taste the ten delicacies in our list! All of these are things you should do sooner rather than later, before the Grim Reaper comes your way… BOO! Halloween frights aside, the collection of foods we’ve gathered below is anything but frightful. In fact, we consider it a life unfulfilled if one hasn’t tasted each of these dishes. Below, you will find the ultimate must-have dishes; though same may seem exotic and difficult to procure, the experience of tasting them is worth the effort (and the money in some cases).

Without a doubt, the gourmand wonders of the world are countless, and so compiling this list was not an easy task. Inevitably, some may have a different opinion on which are the foods you should try before cashing in your chips, but our countdown is definitely worth taking a look at.  And, if you are looking to enlarge your bucket list, you should also check out our lists of the Top 15 Places To Visit Before You Die and The Top 10 Places to Visit Before You Die. Heck, you’ll likely find some of the great foods on our list in some of those just as mouth-watering locations.

Now, I’m sure your curious about which are the dishes that made the cut. Let’s take a look at the countdown of the top ten foods to eat before you die.


10. Fondue

Top 10 Foods to Eat Before You DieThe fun behind this Swiss national dish is that you get to cook the meal yourself. Fondue is not only a rich and tasty course but also an amazing gastronomical experience to enjoy with friends and family. Whether you choose cheese, chocolate, or oil, fondue is a delicious melting adventure.

9. BBQ Ribs

Top 10 Foods to Eat Before You Die

I know what you’re thinking: what’s so special about ribs? Well, this is simply because you may be used to having such a heavenly dish regularly. BBQ ribs, in all their styles and forms, are worth tasting. They are unquestionably a monument of American cuisine, and no one should die without enjoying the messy experience of eating them.

8. Escargot

Top 10 Foods to Eat Before You Die

Do not let the fancy French name fool you, for escargot means snail. Usually prepared with garlic, butter and parsley, these land snails are a typical French appetizer and a real delicacy. If properly cooked, their texture is not chewy as you might think, but firm and smooth.

7. Ceviche

Top 10 Foods to Eat Before You Die

Sushi is not the only food with raw fish in it. Ceviche, a native dish from The Americas, is a seafood dish made with fresh raw fish which is cured with a citric juice. Beautifully spiced and accompanied by other typical South American ingredients, ceviche is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

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