The 8 Biggest Boats In The World

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Wonder what the biggest boats in the world are? Rafts, wooden boats, tankers, yachts, submarines, and so on. Since the inception of mankind, humans have come up with various devices that could help them conquer the seas, for a multitude of reasons: harvesting its resources for nourishment, warfare, transportation, and so on.

Shipbuilding technology is constantly evolving and the boats built nowadays have come a long way. Wondering which are the world’s biggest boats? We have compiled a list of the 8 most impressive, in terms of size, water-designed vessels around. There are many indicators one can take into account when determining a ship’s size but, in general, the most commonly used one is the overall length or LOA. The LOA is the distance measured between the fore and the aft, or the front and back of a ship.

Let’s take a look at the countdown.

No. 8: Globtik Tokyo

Photo Credit: Don DeBold

The “smallest” boat on our countdown is the Globtik Tokyo. An oil tanker measuring 1,243 feet in length, the Globtik started sailing the seas in February 1973 and remained in service for an additional 13 years.

See the rest of the world’s biggest boats:

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